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If your arrange marriage partner is someone like Lao Fei you can hardly complain. Tall, handsome, rich and educated with added boast of good nature made him an ideal( almost unbelievably too ideal) bridegroom.

Hence, the reason behind the quick escape of the bride on the very day of their wedding was definitely not him. Rather it was the bride, Xu Bai's orientation that opposed their marriage.

Yes, Xu Bai was gay. But she had no guts to confess to her family and no heart to abandon her love. So, she did the next best thing, running away.

Still she was courteous enough to write a letter to Lao Fei to apologize and explain the situation.

Now one thing that needs to be emphasized about Lao Fei was that he was a fundamentally good person with an unimaginably kind heart. Reading the letter he immediately forgive Xu Bai even blessed her and her lover.

Not same can be said for his family. Curses were flung from the Lao family's end to Xu family. At last Xu family, overwhelmed with guilt, decided to offer compensation.

Their compensation came in form of a little eighteen years old girl who was their prized treasure and Xu Bai's little sister.

And like this Lao Fei and Xu Ai were married.

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