Awkward Successes - Dex

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I'm in a girl's bedroom. And she knows that I like her. And she hasn't rejected me yet! We're sitting on her daybed, chatting about trivial stuff. When all of a sudden, the talking stops. "Do you like me?" Biana asks. I freeze. "Well, yeah, I... Wait; do you mean like... like like?" I blush. "Yeah," she says, quietly. "Well... Yeah. Yeah, I do." My answer seems to satisfy her. "Well, in that case..." she pauses.

"There'sthisbigthingcomingupandIwasjustwaonderingifmaybeyouandIcouldgotogetherorsomething? Causelikeit'sasortofdatingthingandalsoasortofcouplesthingandSophieisgoingandKeefeisgoingandprettymucheveryonesgoingandIlikeyouandwantedtogowithyou."

Biana pants.

I take a minute to decode what she just said. "Uh... Yeah. Sure. Definitely. Yes. Certainly." I'm bad at this. Biana's usually not this awkward. What's happening? I can't think. My vision turns pink. Then black.

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