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Life is never truly fair. There isn't always happiness. Sometimes you see what you want to see. You block out the truth. But it's ok, because sometimes we can make our own happiness.

A sophomore should be ok with school. They already dealt with being a freshman. Nothing could happen. But this one girl wasn't ok. It was the first day. In the middle of the school year.
Of course some would hear from their parents, "it'll be fine. You'll have fun." "Be yourself. Try to make friends". But this one girl didn't have parents. She had a mother. Her father left when she was two. But none of this was important.
She walked over to the office and got her schedule.
"Hello young lady. How may I help you?"a sweet sounding old lady asks.
"Um. I'm new here. I'm suppose to pick up my schedule".
The old lady nods and walks to a computer and starts typing.
"Now. Lest start with you name."she says in a calming voice.


After the schedule, she walks to her first class. She stood in front of the door. Waiting for the door to open.
"Hi. You must be new. I'm Karla. This is Stacy, and Helen."a random girl walks towards the new girl.
"Hi. I'm......". "I LOVE YOUR HAIR. The brown and the tips of pink. God. If only my mom would let me dye my hair"Helen screams. "Helen. Relax. It's hair"Karla says. Helen shrugs.
"Oh. Karla look. Lucas is staring at us"Stacy says. All the girls turn around. "Oh guess we are turning around and being creeps. Sounds good"Stacy adds.
"Lucas is Helen's brother. They are twins but look nothing alike."Karla says. The new girl nods. "He's hot"Stacy whispers.
The new girl doesn't say anything. "You think he's hot?"Stacy pokes her. "Not really"the new girl shrugs.
"What? You don't find tall, handsome really hot guys attractive?"Stacy asks. "I don't find guys attractive"she answers.
The girls are now in complete silence. Just staring wide eyed at her.
"Um.......cool. So we friends?"Karla asks. The new girl shrugs.
Step one is taken care of. Now just open up. Be nice. Mom wants you to be happy. Stop being shy.
The new girls smiles. "I mean I'm happy to be your friend. Just got to get over being shy"she chuckles. The girls all nod.
"It's ok. Everyone is shy. So what's your name?"Karla asks.
"Oh. Yeah. It's......". "ALRIGHT YOU DEVILS. GET IN THE CLASSROOM NOW"a male teacher yells. Everyone runs inside.
The new girls stands by the door. Not really knowing where to sit. "Oh. You must be the new student sit in the back right there."he points to a empty chair.
She sits down. "Everyone please pay attention to the new student. Young lady state your name and where you use to live"the teacher says.
"Well I use to live in Oregon. And my name is....." a bell interrupts her. And than the announcements go on. After that everyone forgets about her and they just work. Which is fine with her.
After that class, they have a short break. So Helen, Stacy and Karla hang out with her by her next class. As they are blabbing on about makeup and boys, the brown haired girl notices a girl her age. Sitting against a wall. Just writing.
She looks up and makes eye contact with her. The new girl waves. But doesn't get a wave back. Instead gets a dirty look and than she looks down again. Focusing on whatever was in that notebook.
"Who's that?"the new girl asks. Karla looks over first. And sees the person she was asked about.
"She's not important".
"Ok. But who is......". "She's not important."Karla says again. And it's not asked again.
Not until lunch at least. When the new girl is introduced to everyone that hangs out with the three girls. And apparently Lucas is one of them.
"So Who was that girl?"the new girl asks. Everyone stares at her. Only Karla really knows what she means.
"Like I said. No one important"Karla tries to hide her anger with a smile. Key word, tries.
"If your avoiding an answer. She seems important"she tells her new friend. One she's growing angry with. "Listen. That girl isn't someone you want to be around. She's weird. Crazy. And she likes to cause trouble. I know you said you like chicks but she isn't a girl you would want to date" Karla states.
"Who we talking bad about?"Lucas asks. Karla gives him a look. "Her. Listen new chick. She's nice. She just has some problems she never worked out. You can try to talk to her but don't expect her to talk back"Lucas says.
Karla gives him a pissed off look. "What? I'm telling her the truth. She's not bad"Lucas shrugs. Karla rolls her eyes. Clearly done with this conversation.
But the new girl isn't. This conversation only makes her think. Should she talk to her?
Through out the day that question stays with her. What is the problem with talking to someone? Is she really crazy?
When she gets home the question is still there. She thinks about talking to her tomorrow. Doesn't see why it's a bad idea.
"Honey. You ok?"her mother asks. Clearly seeing her daughter stuck in her head with random thoughts.
"Yeah. Just.... I saw this girl today and my new friend Karla said I shouldn't talk to her. But her friend Lucas said there's no harm. Just debating if I want to"she shrugs.
"Wow. Highschool is still the same. Drama and drama. Just do what you want."she says to her daughter and walks off.


She stares at the girl. Still writing in that notebook. She counts to three and walks over there.
"Hi. I'm Samantha. I saw you yesterday and wanted to say hi".

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