Chapter 7

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***I want to change her character but need ideas for girls to play her

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***I want to change her character but need ideas for girls to play her. I'm envisioning her as brown skinned and in her mid/early 20s. If anybody has a girl in mind, drop the name below please.

I sat inside of what was once my home with my head spinning and the feeling of fainting heavy on my mind. I don't know how Money was able to do it, even though his capabilities never ceased to amaze me until now, but I think this stunt takes the cake for all the dumb shit he's put me through during our relationship.

I planned on coming back home to beat him and Karma back, but he beat me to it. I walked into a completely different house. All of the furniture was different, the walls were painted a different color, and the portrait of Money and I that hung above the mantle, was replaced by a large mirror that reflected the length of the living room. And now, sitting atop the mantle, was a picture of Money, Karma, and Briana. There were pictures of them from some jailhouse photo shoot they took a few months ago all over the house, but none were of me.

Was he trying to remove me from his life by moving Karma into our home?

Now things make sense, especially his behavior yesterday. I knew he was being nice to me and keeping me at the mall for a reason. He wasn't spending money on me because he cares about me. He was spending money on me to keep me distracted and away from the house, so it could be remodeled for Karma and Briana. 

But, did he really think bringing in this cheap ass furniture was going to persuade me into letting his baby mama, who's still in love with him, live under the same roof as us? He's gotta be out of his mind if he thinks I'm going to let them stay with us. I can tolerate his daughter, even though she came from Money cheating on me, because that's his flesh and blood. And once I married him, all of his baggage became mine. But I refuse to live with his baby mama. She can't even respect me, or our relationship enough, to keep her legs closed around him. 

But regardless of how she acts, Money needs to act like my husband and check her. He can't keep allowing her to disrespect me and today I'm going to put my foot down. She's not going to keep talking to me like she's crazy, she's not going to keep putting her hands on me, but most importantly, she's not moving into my home so she can have easier access to my man while I'm not around. 

My eyes looked over at the front door since I could hear keys jingling. That must be them. I sat up a little in my seat and listened as the door opened up and Karma and Money walked inside, wearing the same clothes from the night before.

"How was y'all's night in jail?" I spoke up, startling the both of them. I guess they weren't expecting me to be back home so soon because the expression on their faces was priceless. "Hmm, I guess I got back to the house too quickly because I ruined your little surprise, huh Marcel? Was this the shit you were gonna spring on me after that fucked up dinner you took me to last night?"

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