Chapter 10: The Plan

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Griffin's confused look quickly went back to a chilly, neutral expression, which somehow looked worse on him. Ravenna tried to ignore it, swallowing down any frustration or uncalm feelings that might potentially show through her voice, "Look, alright. So, for reasons, we're doing a revenge plan against Blake. We gotta get back, you know? Start anew, go back to what we're known for. Rebuild what we made last year, except with some improvisations. Continue our legacy. Do you understand me, Griffin?" She spoke the last sentence slowly, drawing out the words, like a teacher trying to explain to a kindergartener not to eat his mud pie.

Silent pause. His expression remained normal, calm, neutral. But what was 'normal' for everyone else was not normal for Griffin. Usually, he was always smiling. Something about his expression unnerved her.

"Yeah, I-I get what you mean." He answered.

"Anyway," Ravenna tried her best to turn off her built-in ability to read others' expressions, just this once, "So, Maurice and I decided on a plan. We want to hurt Blake, right? Hit him where it would hurt most. Griffin, darling, do you know the name of Blake's girlfriend?"

Griffin paused, eyebrows furrowed in thought, "Beatrice, right? I think they've been dating since freshman year. I'm not sure though. He was a sophomore when we came."

Ravenna offered him a grin, "There, you go. So, you do know. You see them in the hallways often?"

"Smooching and getting all cuddly? Yeah, I see it all the time. Kinda stings my eyes."

Ravenna smiled sweetly, whereas he did not, "Yeah, they're very close. Even heard them talking about their future together. The stupid, little hopeless romantics. Griffin, you know Beatrice's birthday? Her likes and dislikes? Her greatest fear?"

Griffin shook his head, "Of course, not. I've only ever spoken to her once in the hallways."

She smiled, "Did you know that her parents divorced, because her father was having an affair with her mother's sister? Or that she hooked up with Blake's former BFF, Robert, behind his back?"

Griffin's eyes widened, mouth opening, then closing, then opening again, "How did yo--"

Ravenna glanced at Maurice, who examined her interaction with Griffin with aroused interest, "Maurice, give him the information you and I gathered the past few days."

Maurice's handsome, sophisticated smile lit up, somehow making the room darker than it already was under the single light-bulb. He walked over towards Draven's desk, opened a drawer, then pulled out two sheets of paper. He gave it to Griffin with an enthusiastic grin, "Nice, huh? Wasn't very hard to gather. Even though they're very personal, one might say. Possibly controversial. The golden girl being involved in some shit that would make her not so golden anymore."

Griffin took the papers hesitantly, looking at one first, reading through its contents. As the seconds went by, his face shifted from neutral and curious, then to disgusted and horrified, before making a cold transition back to neutral. That sudden flicker of change made Ravenna slightly uneasy. Was that how she looked like when she was hiding her expressions, trying to appear nonchalant?

Griffin sighed, not even bothering to read the second sheet. He handed it to Maurice, who shoved it back, "You didn't read Blake's."

"I don't need to." Griffin's voice was defiant.

Maurice suddenly smiled, charming, sweet, not a hint of corruption in his eyes or his voice, "You'll be needing it. To help you with your job."

"What job?" His eyes shot to Ravenna.

She too allowed herself to smile, "We all know how much Beatrice means to Blake. And we are trying to ruin him, aren't we? I thought the plan was obvious. You, Griffin, darling, will play the role of seducer."

A flicker of emotions flashed through his face, before it settled with concern, "You want me to... seduce his girlfriend? And ruin their relationship?"

"Why do you think I chose you, love? You have the natural charm that would attract anyone. Must less a girl like Beatrice, who clearly has the hots for charismatic men. And not to mention the loyalty of a fucking cat. I could easily let Maurice do the job, because if he did, Beatrice's legs would open faster than a pair of scissors. But he has another job that requires a lot of work and I have no intention of wearing him out. Hey, maybe she'd open her legs for you too, Griff. Not as quickly as she would for Maurice, but you can still try."

Griffin's face twisted into a moment of disgust, then a sudden look of defeat, submission. He straightened his back, before looking at the ground, "No."

"Excuse me?"

He brought his gaze up and looked her straight in the eyes, "I said no. I don't want to do it. I don't want to be a part of this."

It was clear he hadn't wanted to get involved in Inquisitors' revenge plans last year, but she hadn't prepared herself for the possibility that he might refuse when directly ordered.

Ravenna straightened, "It's not a choice."

When was obedience ever a choice? When was anything involved with the Inquisitors ever a choice? The only choice the members had was to join and to leave. But when they were in, they were expected to do as they were told. There was no freedom of choice. It was a damn monarchy, not a democracy.

Griffin frowned, his eyes sparkling with an emotion that she had seen far too often, but hated to see on him most of all, "Ravenna, I don't want to. Keep me out of this. Please."

"Griffin." Her tone was assertive, unwavering. She had to be tough on him, even if she didn't want to. She hated this. Hated how she had to use that voice and that look on someone who didn't deserve it.

He averted his eyes, "Please, can I just leave? Class starts in like ten minutes." He picked up his backpack from the floor and swung it over his shoulder.

Ravenna glanced at Maurice, before quickly looking away, overwhelmed by a sense of pride.

"Yeah," she addressed to Griffin, staring at Draven's desk where he had put down the papers, "You can leave."

When the door had slammed behind them, Ravenna had the urge to let out a heavy sigh, but she was quickly reminded of Maurice's presence and managed to resist.

Maurice looked at the door, then back at her, eyes twinkling with lust. He grinned, "Want me to convince him? I have very persuasive methods."

"Hell, no."

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