Chapter 10: The Plan

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She tapped her fingers against the edge of the desk impatiently, glancing at the door every once in a while, listening to the cold silence. As she broke the stillness with a sigh, the door knob twisted open and Maurice's charming, yet cold smile greeted her. Man, he was a sight for sore eyes. She adored him. Which was also why she hated him.

"Morning," he said, as he closed the door behind him. "He's not here yet?"

"Trust me, if he were, you'd know."

"Thirty minutes before first period is hardly a wise choice. Why can't you just do it after school?"

"He has track practice," she replied.

"--which ends once school is over." His cold, grey eyes twinkled in triumph.

Ravenna ignored his rebuttal, "Just sit. He should be here soon."

A solid five minutes had passed in the uncomfortable silence, as Maurice adjusted his Rolex watch on his wrist, oddly engrossed.

"Want one for your birthday?" He asked casually, still not looking up from his expensive accessory.

"Not really a fan of watches," she replied half-heartedly, thinking about where the hell Griffin was and what was taking him so long.

Maurice shrugged, "Suit yourself."

Just then, the door of the storage room swung open and slammed shut in that very instant. Griffin ran his fingers through his messy auburn hair, giving him the appearance of a boy who had just gotten out of bed. He sighed in exhaustion, before turning to her and nodding, "Sorry. I'm about ten minutes later than we agreed on, huh?"

Ravenna felt her body go rigid. It was an odd thing, not seeing Griffin smile at her as a form of greeting. Even more unusual was not seeing him smile at all. It made her skin crawl when she dwelled on it for too long.

Griffin paused, then stared at Maurice. His expression tightened, before he slugged his heavy backpack onto the floor with a thud, "You never told me he'd be here too."

Maurice's smile made up for the lack of Griffin's grin, but there was a crucial difference: the former's lips were twisted, "Trust me. I have quite a role to play, Stewart."

Griffin's eyebrows furrowed, as his head tilted slightly. He glanced at Ravenna and after seeing her expression, he stood up straighter, "So... Why am I here? What do you need me for?"

Ravenna felt Maurice's stare, so when their eyes met, mild shivers made its way down her arms. Her eyes tried to speak to him by asking, 'Who's gonna do it?'

Maurice's eyes answered back, 'You, of course. You're the Head, for fuck's sake. This was your idea. You're the ventriloquist. I'm the assistant puppetmaster.'

Ravenna shot a glare at him, but he only smiled charmingly in return. Little bastard. She sighed, before turning to Griffin, who seemed to have been watching their silent conversation with mild fascination.

"So," she began, "I'm gonna make this simple. Not everyone is gonna be involved. Only a select few. Me, obviously. And you and Maurice. We're the three most important players, you understand? So, don't mess it up. Anyway, the plan...."

Ravenna glanced in Maurice's general direction, as a barely noticeable smirk etched across his lips subtly. She continued, "Well, let me get it straight for you. Blake. Senior. We're doing a... revenge plan, one could say. Making him pay his debts."

As soon as she saw the confused look on Griffin's face that shouted, 'What the hell for,' she snapped, "Look, it doesn't fucking matter why, alright? That's not the point. Sure, he was being a disrespectful prick, but who cares about the reason. You don't need to know that, Griffin. It doesn't matter."

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