Chapter sixteen

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No ones p.o.v
Exo gang were crouded around their dinner table they were eating when sehun asked "so tata when you gonna bring over jung hottie kook"

Taehyung said "first dont call me 'tata' and im your hyung respect me before i slit your throat and third never if you dont stop with these weird sexual named for him you pervert"

Sehun sheepishly smiled

Chanyeol said "no i agree with when your bringing him over i wanna threaten him if he tries to hurt you"

Taehyung whined "finneeee fine when shall i ask him to come over"

Chanyeol said "tomorrow at seven"

I said "ok"

I went up to my room after our dinner and face timed jungkook

Jungkook said "hi baby miss me already"

Smirk played on jungkooks face

Taehyung said "you wish ok ermmm so likeee....ermmm.yh.........exo wanna know if you come over for dinner"

Jungkook chuckled at taehyungs cutness and said "sure baby when?"

Taehyung looked up happily saying "tomorrow at seven"

Jungkook said "i will be there with my charming self"

Taehyung said "pfft more like your cocky arrogant self"

Jungkook smirked "i might just punish you for being a bad baby"

taehyung blushed red saying "fuck you love you bye"

And ended the call without another word

He put his phone to the side falling asleep thinking of jungkook

The next morning

Jungkook woke up to seing his members wee piled up in the kitchen eating away jungkook joined them and jimin said "hey kook were all gonna go to the club tonight wanna join?

Jungkook said "i cant I'm meeting the exo gang"

The all widened there eyes all asking questions
"WHAT WHY?is this another meeting?how come we weren't told there's another meeting?why are you meeting them?i get it your buttering em up so if we get in a war you will have the second best mafia with us"

Jungkook said "oh for shits sake i'm meeting them for My baby V he asked and i said yes because I couldn't deny him when he looked so damn cute and I wanna do this its basically meeting the parents in relationships"

The all started to tease him but jungkook turned red and told then everything so far

Night fall came and jungkook was ready in this👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Jungkook arrived and knocked on the door he heard fussing comming from behind the door he looked confused

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Jungkook arrived and knocked on the door he heard fussing comming from behind the door he looked confused

Sehun was rushing towards the door screaming "he got it"

And opened the door

Sehun said "welcome jungkook I'm sehun and welcomed to exo's house"

Jungkook said "uhmm are you drunk?"

Sehun said "wtf what no"

Kai and kyungsoo were laughing in the back after hearing there conversation taehyung came down and hugged jungkook kissed taehyung on the lips he heard growns in the background the both broke the kiss

Jungkook smirked saying "so you did miss me"

V said "fuck you coconut"

Cocky coconut replied "oh baby ill be fucking you"

Taehyung turned red and kyungsoo said "get your hands of our little taehyung!"

Jungkook laughed and said "ok"

Not wanting to get in trouble with taehyung's family

And especially if the satan like male looked scary

(Satansoo 😂)

The all were gathered at the dining table and sehun said "so jungkook simce your rich are you basically taehyungs sugar daddy"

Everyone chocked on their food hearing sehuns comment

Jungkook even chocked but saw taehyung kick sehun and jungkook the bith growned in pain "oww what was that for baby"

V sed "i kno what you were gonna say next so had to stop you before you did"

JUngkoOk smirked "whatever you say my sugar baby"

Taehyung blushed red and everyone gasped at this

The all talked sehun threatened jungkook "now mister i know i came of as a oervert but I also have a protective sode towards taehyungie here so if you think im nice your wrong im also gonna cut your so called 9incher off if you cheat"

Jungkookie skepticly said "how do you know im nine inched"

Taehyung blushed and sehun said "taehyung gossiped to us about you"

JUngkoOk smirked at his baby

But all got along jungkook learnt that sehun was the perverted yet protective one one kyungsoo was the scary satan one kai was the play boy beakhyun was the sassy one and chanyeol was the hot killer and lay ans suho were the parents"

It was fun for him but taehyung and JUngkoOk couldn't keep their hands of each other more like jungkook teasing taehyung and one thing leading to another

The dinner was fully over taehyung had walked jungkook to the door to kiss him goodbye and jungkook drove home


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