The black Cat

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Um that happened just now, and have fun reading cause I'm gonna give you chill. Mwhahahahahah


I was at my cousin's house, I'm all alone three on my cousins went to grocer store with there mother. And I'm here all alone, I'm like old enough to take care of myself alone (I won't tell you my age mwhahahahahah..... Never mind) NO NEED A BABYSITTER WHOE!!!!! Ok whatever I hear a meow outside I thought that was a hungry cat I went outside and saw that scary black cat. I got inside again and brought left over chicken and put it on a small plate. I went outside gave the cat but is just hissed. The cat ran away and I ran after her. He stopped then hide, I throw all the boxes away (the cat hided in the boxes) but saw nothing. I went back inside, and used my iPad, then I saw a woman on my window starring at me.

That is the most scariest thing I ever saw on my life, I can't forget it.

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