chapter twenty - flirting sessions

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"I'm bored," Sirius cimplained after exactly three minutes of meditating.

When Mark had left to pick up Jenny for dinner, Lily and the others had begun to play Muggle games. Peter had suggested meditating, like the Buddhist monks, and they had all agreed to try.

"Me too," James admitted, opening his eyes and uncrossing his legs. Slowly, the gang began to groan and complain as they uncrossed their lrgs and snapped out of it.

"Are there any games you can think of?" Sirius asked Lily.

She bit her lip, trying to think of a game she knew. "I have three suggestions." She finally said.

They all leaned forward. "The first one is Statue in the Garden. One of us, let's say Dorcas have to stand at the front and count to ten, and the others have to try to reach her at the front. However, once Dorcas is done counting and turns around, we all freeze. She's allowed to try to make us laugh and if she catches one of us moving, that person's out."

"The second one is called Murderer on the Loose. This time, Dorcas is a murderer, and she intends to kill us all. We have to hide somewhere so that she doesn't find us. If she does, you're out."

"The last one is called Marco and Polo. Dorcas will be blindfolded in this one and her job is to try to grab you while you're blindfolded. If she shouts Marco, you have to shout Polo, and I guess that will enable her to sense us."

Sirius stood up. "Sounds like we're playing Murderer on the Loose then."

No one argued.

"Who volunteers to sit out and pick the murderer? Only they will have the knowledge of who it is." Lily asked.

James raised his hand slowly.

"Ok, Potter. Pick someone. You have to whisper in each of our ears, telling the murderer who they are and telling the rest that they aren't. We all have to close our eyes."

They obeyed, amd soon they heard James' footsteps approaching everyone. He'd whisper, and then move on to the next person.

"You're not it." He whispered to Lily.

She breathed a sigh of relief - when she was younger and used to play with Petunia and her friends, they'd always pick her.

"You may move around." James said.

The group thinned out until just Jes was left standing on the handmade rug by the fireplace. Lily stood still for a moment, waiting for everyone to leave, before going down the hall to the small basement.

She opened the door quietly and slipped inside, seemingly unnoticed as she made her way to a bench at the back.

It was eerily quiet and dark, also empty, or so it seemed, until she reached the bench at the back.

Sirius sat on it, eyes already watching her as she sat down beside him.

"So, Evans. Why did you look so sad when you arrived?" He asked.

Lily sighed. "Tuney was going bonkers because an owl fell down into her fiance's soup."

"Don't be bothered by her. Tje only thing she should be going bonkers about is her face."

Lily raised an eyebrow. "When have you ever seen her?"

Sirius smirked. "On the platform. Prongs used to stop us so we could all 'marvel at your beauty'.

Lily felt herself blush. "So you think Petunia's not so good-looking, then?"

Sirius snorted. "She's prettier than the elf heads on the bannister at my old house."

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