Classes (EDITED)

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Today, we were finally handed our timetables, they were written as:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:00 - Charms (G/R)

9:45 - Transfiguration (G/H)

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Potions (G/S)

11:45 - History of Magic (G/R)

12:30 - Defence Against the Dark Arts (G/H)

1:15 - Lunch

2:15 - Herbology (G/S)

3:00 - End of School

Tuesday and Thursday

9:00 - Transfiguration (G/R)

9:45 - Charms (G/H)

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Defence Against the Dark Arts (G/S)

11:45 - Flying (G/R)

12:30 - Potions (G/H)

1:15 - Lunch

2:15 - Astronomy (theory) (G/S)

3:00 - End of School

12:00 - Astronomy (practical) (G/R)

Starting with Charms with the other Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, I made my way to the classroom. Professor Flitwick, a now ageing little man with wispy hair, apparently, he had taught my father all through his schooling years too.

"Now, today we will be learning about levitation Charms." He began as I found a seat next to Athena. She gave me a small smile, which I returned before she turned back to focus on the Professor.

"You will see that I have given you a feather, nice and light for beginners such as yourselves. Your goal is to levitate the feather one foot off of the desk. Pronounce the spell, Wingardium Leviosa, remember as you say that, a nice swish and flick of the wrist, it will not succeed without that flick. Begin."

Immediately, the class began to murmur the incantation. Athena, on her first try, was already having her feather float high, in the air. Certainly above the goal height. Determined to prove myself, I chanted the incantation once, swishing and flicking my wand as the Professor had taught us.

After my flick, my feather rose, gently, moving with the gesture of my wand.

"Well done Miss Longbottom, Miss Potter! Ten points to each of you." Flitwick cried.

Smiling, I continued to fly the feather around the room while others tried to figure out the way to do it. I was pleased. I watched as my feather gently rose and guided itself through the rafters of the high ceiling, dropped a little, and continued to circle the room.

Most of the other classes were the same, do this, do that, perform a simple spell or two, find you way to a new class. When we came into potions, I knew that this wouldn't be my favourite room, I shuddered as I noticed all the gooey, slimy things sitting on shelves along the wall. Most of them were unidentifiable, but I swear one of the jars held still moving eyes.

Slughorn was kindly, yet had a favouritism for students who excelled in academic areas, or if they were related to someone important, I was one of them. Being a Potter definitely had its quirks, but I didn't want to be known for something my parents did. I wanted to be known for my own achievements, something I did, rather than those who sired me.

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