“Are you staying?” Rachel asked hopefully. 

Finn hadn’t been sure after dinner if she wanted him to, that maybe she needed some time alone but as he looked in her eyes and saw the hope there he knew he was wrong. 

“I’d love too” he assured her. 

Isabel was working away at the table whilst watching television when they entered. 

“Hey” she smiled. 

“Hey Iz” they both greeted. 

Isabel also looked at Rachel concerned and threw a questioning look at Finn when she turned away to place her bag and keys down. Finn shrugged at his sister. 

“We’re just going to head upstairs,” Rachel told Isabel. Not that she had anything against Isabel but right now she just wanted to be alone with Finn. 

Finn let her lead him up the stairs and into his room by the hand “Have a bath with me?” she asked him when they entered. 

“Sure” he smiled. 

While Rachel poured the bubble bath into the large corner bath they had in the bathroom Finn undressed, that was when he noticed the photo albums beside Rachel's bed. He sat down and quickly scanned through them and immediately realized they were from her childhood. 

“It’s ready” Rachel called out from the bathroom. 

Finn sunk into the tub full of hot water and bubbles before holding his arms out for Rachel. Rachel hopped in and sat down between his legs, her back pressed against his chest. 

“This is nice,” he whispered. 

“Yeah” she agreed. They’re alone time was minimal and normally they had so much to do and wanted to do together that they were exhausted by the time it was over. 

Finn looked down at the angel in his arms then and smiled, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on but he wished she would open up to him about what was troubling her. 

They soaked in the water in silence until slowly it became too much for Rachel and her shoulders began to shake with her silent sobs. 

Finn pulled her tighter against him and kissed the top of her head over and over again “Its ok baby” he whispered over and over again. 

When Rachel's tears subsided she looked up at him apologetically “I’m sorry you must think I’m crazy” 

“Nah beautiful” he whispered in reply. 

God she loved him she thought. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked again. 

“Yes” she answered automatically. “But I don’t know if I should” she added. 

Finn looked at her confused “now I’m confused” he voiced. 

“I’m sorry” Rachel sighed. 

“Look, I’m here and you can talk to me about anything, when ever you’re ready” 

“If I tell you, you wouldn’t tell anyone right?” she asked. 

Finn ran a hand through her long locks “of course I wouldn’t” he assured her. 

Rachel stood up in the bath then and hopped out, once she had a big fluffy towel wrapped around her body she held her hand out to Finn. Finn stood up and took it without hesitation and followed her into the bedroom. 

They sat down on the bed with Rachel wrapped in Finn's arms. “I got a call from Quinn on Tuesday” she explained. 

“Ok” he said. He had a feeling it had something to do with Quinn, since meeting Rachel she was the only one who he had seen have this type of affect on her. 

“Did you know that her and Puck went out on Friday night to a concert?” 

“He mentioned it” he nodded. 

“Well he went to see her at the music shop on Tuesday and asked her out, this time on a proper date” she told him. 

Once again Finn nodded encouraging her to continue with the story. 

“I’m not really sure what he said but he obviously has some type of affect on her. By the time I reached her apartment that afternoon she was hysterical. She didn’t think she could trust him not to hurt her like all the other men in her life had. 

You see Quinn's father walked out on her on her sixth birthday and she has never seen or heard from him since. She cried every day for a year until one day she finally realized that he wasn’t coming back. Ever since then she has always hated men. I’m actually surprised that she could let Blaine in enough to become his friend” 

“Wow that must have been hard on her” Finn sighed. His father had always played a big part in both his and Isabel’s life even though he worked a lot. Finn couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for Quinn growing up. 

“Yeah it was” Rachel said. 

“Quinn wants to let Puck in. I thought that she was worried that he would do what her father did, walk out on her and that’s why she felt like she couldn’t trust him,” she explained. 

“But…” Finn prompted. 

“God Finn” she started to cry, “she told me the most horrible things” she started to cry. 

Finn rubbed her back and waited patiently for her to calm down a little “After Quinn's father left her Uncle Frankie came to stay with her and her mother for a while. I don’t really remember him except that he was fat and always stunk,” she told him. 

Finn nodded. 

“God Finn he did things to her” she cried “terrible things and I didn’t know. I didn’t see and I couldn’t do anything to help her” 

Finn's eyes widened “Rachel did he molest her?” he whispered in concern. 

Rachel nodded 

“Fuck” Finn hissed. 

“She never told a soul Finn” she added then “she’s kept this a secret for eighteen years” 

“Oh god” Finn said. 

“He told her that is she told anyone he would leave and then her mum wouldn’t have enough money and they would have to move away from Lima and all her friends” she explained.

“Sick fucker” he hissed. 

“How did she do it Finn?” she cried. “How did she keep something like that to herself for so long?” 

Finn thought about her question for a long time before answering and when he did what came out of his mouth was the absolute truth. “I have now idea Rachel but what I do know is that something like that can destroy a person. Obviously Quinn's growing feelings for Puck are bringing all these things up again for her” 

Rachel nodded “yeah you’re probably right” she whispered thinking that if she had never broken Quinn's heart that none of this might never have happened. 

“Don’t” Finn whispered. “Don’t blame yourself for something that you had no control over” he told her. 

“You were six years old baby and it wouldn’t have matter if you had known because you wouldn’t have been able to stop him, he might have just hurt you too.” They both shivered at the thought. 

“I don’t know what to do to help her Finn, I fell so helpless” she cried. 

Finn cupped her shin softly in his hand and ran his fingers down her cheek “just be there for her when she needs a friend Rachel” he suggested “that and I think you should encourage her to get some professional help” 

Rachel looked up at him then, her eyes locking with his and she felt like she was drowning. He had the most beautiful eyes. 

“Finn” she whispered “God I…” it was on the tip of her tongue to tell him that she loved him but before she could say it Finn leaned in and captured her lips. 

He spent the rest of the night treasuring her and helping her leave the nightmares in Quinn's life behind, if only for a few hours.

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