Chapter Forty-Two: The preparation.

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Chapter Forty-Two: The preparation.

Saturday Morning.

GEORGE wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked at the work that Chris, Aaron and him were just after completing.

They arrived here at six in the morning and now it was around ten. Though what they have achieved was better than George imagined. It was absolutely breathtaking. He just hopped Lydia would think so too.

The sun shined through the curtains making Lydia groan and roll onto her back. As she expected George wasn't beside her, "what am I going to do now?"

Sighing, Lydia sat up and looked around his room to see if there was anything to do. Once she found something, her eyes lit up. George left a note.

Lydia be ready for seven. Kayla is coming over soon to help you get ready. Love, George.

A grin crept onto the brunette's face as George's bedroom door opened and in came Kayla. She was smiling sadly as if her favourite story was coming to an end.

"Lydia," she breathed out and Lydia knew she was overwhelmed but didn't know why  "you're one lucky girl."

Confused, Lydia didn't know how to respond. What was Kayla talking about? Why was she so lucky all of a sudden?

Sighing, Kayla shook her head knowing that if she said anything else Lydia would figure it all out. "Come on, we have work to do," Kayla smiled, motioning to her backpack full of beauty products and clothes.


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