Chapter Forty-One: I'm an open book to you, my love.

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Chapter Forty-One: I'm an open book to you, my love.

Friday Night.

GEORGE had everything ready to go tomorrow morning. All he had to do was set it up with Chris' help.

Though tonight was a night of relaxing with Lydia. Propping himself up in the pillows, George smiled at Lydia, who was wandering around his room. This was something she always did and one of the things George loved about her. She always wanted to know more about him.

Though she wouldn't find anything she didn't know already. To Lydia, George made himself an open book knowing Lydia wouldn't hurt him.

He heard a light gasp before Lydia turned to face him, "you have a diary?" I should've thrown that out when I had the chance.

Nodding George patted the side of the bed that was now hers, "it's old."

Lydia didn't care that it was old. It could've been ancient and she would've still been excited. She also wanted to know more about him and everything she learned only made her fall deeper in love with him.

Sitting beside him, Lydia leaned her head on his shoulder while his hand wrapped around her waist. The diary was open in front of George and he began to read about one of his high-school days.

"Today I spoke to her. Today I finally picked up the courage and spoke to her. We locked eyes and I didn't break away scared that she would think I'm weird."

George smiled remembering the day he started this diary. It wasn't really a diary because he only wrote about his days with Lydia in it.

Glancing at Lydia, he saw her blushing. "Did you think I was weird, Lydia?"

She looked up and he was once again lost in her ocean blue eyes, "no. I never thought you were weird."


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