Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Plan.

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Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Plan.

Friday Afternoon.

GEORGE had never felt better as he sat on the kitchen, talking to Chris about his plan. The plan he wished would work out.

"I called it!" Chris exclaimed, jumping around the kitchen. Idiot, George thought to chuckle.

He still had a lot to sort out before even thinking about before involving Lydia in the plan. "Yeah okay, you called it. I need your help though..." Then George began to tell his best friend the plan he has been thinking about since he fell in love with Lydia.

The brunette sat on Angie's bed, while the nine-year-old ran around the room trying to find her doll. Her favourite doll that she had named, Lydia, after her favourite person.

"I can hit my brother for you," Angie mumbled, looking through her toy box. Glancing at Lydia, she saw that her eyebrows were creased in confusion. Maybe he has her brainwashed.

Abandoning the search for the doll, she sat in the bed beside Lydia. Grabbing her hand, she looked up to the girl she inspired to be like, "He keeps trying to eat your lips."

Lydia stifled a laugh, deciding to play along, "can you hit him now?" Angie nodded, forming a fist and punching the air before running out of the bedroom.

Following close behind, Lydia chuckled, this was going to be good.

Once they both reached the kitchen where George and Chris were talking quite seriously, Angie sprinted to George.

"That's for trying to eat Lydia," she yelled as she landed a punch on his leg.


Tomorrow is going to be hectic. I can feel it.


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