Chapter 6 Alpha????

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I followed Todoroki to lunch. We both were in line for a lunch when a blond walked up to us. "Well if it isn't students from class 1-A. You all are so high and mighty because you survived a villain attack. I bet none of the students fought and risked their lives for the other students. It was probably only the teachers who fought." The blond said smirking wildly. A low growl was sounded from my direction. I was about to snap at the blond when I was interrupted but Todoroki.

"Our class fought against the villains because they had been spread out by the villains. Izuku here, protected a injured pro hero who was also the teacher. He was close to death fighting to save the teacher. The villains thought he could be useful so the tried capturing him with tons of villains. When the teacher got injured he fought the villains off himself and attacked the strongest one. He got the teacher to safety but fought the villain again to save more time for the reinforcements to arrive. The strongest villain broke his arm as you can see. The villain also cause other major injuries but they were healed by Recovery Girl. I think you owe Izuku a huge apology."

Not only did the blond hear that but the whole lunchroom. Why? Because the blond was yelling causing the room to go quiet and everyone listened to what Todoroki replied with. The blond was shocked to say the least. I slapped my forehead with my palm and just left the lunchroom. I wasn't hungry anymore so I just headed back to the classroom.

(Time Skip till after the sports festival. Everything was about the same.)

I was laying in the back corner of the classroom under a random jacket I found. I heard footsteps coming towards me then felt myself leave the ground. I don't think the know I'm in their jacket. The jacket and I was placed on a desk so I removed the jacket off my head. I looked up to see Kirishima looking down at me.

"Aizawa, why were you in my jacket?" He asked gaining the attention of others around us.

I jumped off the desk and walked out the door. I wasn't in the mood for class today to be honest. I was walking to leave the school but saw my father walking down the hall. I hid behind a random trash can in the hallway. Once he walked by I took off for the doors of UA. Once outside of the UA gates I just started to wonder around the city. I was the size of a medium dog and walked into an alley. I spotted a man with many knives talking to the handsey villain. I hid behind a trash bag listening to them talk. He was asking the man to join them. The man denied and then there was some yelling. The handsey villain left so I decided to get a closer look. When I got closer he looked at me. I probably looked terrified.

(Doesn't help that your green Izuku.)

I took a step back because the man was walking toward me. I turned to run only to find a sword in my face. One thing I know about this man is he's fast. I backed up the way I turned from. He stepped forward and we repeated the process till I hit the wall. I looked frantically to find an exit but none was there due to tons of trash. For a hero in training I'm pathetic. I only fight when training and people are in need otherwise I have no fighting instinct. When it comes to my safety I can't do jackshit. I was scared as the man drew closer. Why did I have to leave UA?

(Because you weren't in the mood for class)

I had to think fast so when he got close enough I tried to bite him. Welp now I'm pinned to the cement with this guy on top of me. He was about to do something when a portal opened and the handsey villain came out again. I started thrashing under the man's grip after see one of the reasons why I haven't slept in months. He looked up at what made me flip so much and looked pissed. He tied a cloth around my neck, then he got off me and looked at the villain.

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