Christmas time

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(I know it's not Christmas yet, but I'm gonna do it now because I have an idea so...enjoy)

*Raven's POV*

It's a week before Christmas Eve. Yeyy how much I like this time of the year...ugh, why am I even trying? It's just a passing time like any other, but 'cooler'.

"Friends! I have an idea!" Said Star calling us all.
"What is it?" Asked Robin of pure curiousity.
"Well, I think that we should do the Secret Santa game!" She said excited.
"Star...that's...a really good idea!" Said Cyborg in holler.
"Oh glorious! We shall start now" she said grabbing some paper, cutting it and we all wrote our names on them.

"I forgot to bring the recipient of putting the little papers-" I cut Starfire off-
"I got it" -in a monotone.
"Thank you friend Raven"

We all put our little things in there and here it goes.

I dragged one of the paper and it was...Starfire. Wow, what a cute handwriting. With heart shape dots for the "i"s and a clear one.

*Robin's POV*

I dragged one of the papers and I got...Cyborg. This is good, I already know what to get him!

*Cyborg's POV*

I got one of those and got BB. That's soo coooool. This is gonna be easy for me. I wonder who the others got? Or more exactly...WHO GOTS ME?

*Starfire's POV*

I pulled out a paper with an established writting and really pressed on, with italics.
It was boyfriend Robin! Oh how wonderful!

*Beast Boy's POV*

Soo let's see who I got...I got...Rae Rae? Oh man. Actually...this is my chance of getting her something that will make her hate me less and possibly...understand how...I...nevermind that won't happen. But at least she'll hate me less.

*Third person*
/In the night of Christmas' Eve/
Everybody got the gifts for eachother and they were nervous. They really were so staring at eachother just to see who looks at them was helpless.

"It shall be time to share our gifts!" Said Starfire clapping
"Alrighty then. Beast Boy, here it is!" Hollered (again) Cyborg.
"Oh cool. You got me! Let's see-" BB got slapped by Starfire. "What for?" He said raising his tone a bit.

"We should not open them until everybody gets the gifts for eachother first" she explained.
"Ok ok!" Changeling said in defeat.

"Ok. My turn. Star. I got you" said Raven giving Star the present.
"I will enjoy it, no matter what it is. Thank you!" She said giving Raven a short, quick hug.

"I shall give next! Robin. It is for you" said Star with a big smile on her face.
"Thanks Star" said Robin kissing her on the cheek.

"I guess it's my turn. Cyborg. It's yours" said Robin with a smile.
"Thanks man."

"Then... I get to be the last one huh? Oh well. Raven, you were on mine, so here is your present" said Beast Boy with a grin.
"Thanks" she responded in a monotone, but it was with a bit of emotion too.

"Let's see what we have! I will share first!" Said Star getting her gift out.

"Let's see what we have! I will share first!" Said Star getting her gift out

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