Kinley: Chapter One

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“Come on Kinley! It will be fun” My friend Adrienne said over the phone.

“I’d rather just stay home tonight.” I protest.

“You’re going to the fair with me tonight; I will have my mom take us there around 7!” She says, before hanging up.

I sigh, I didn’t feel like going. Adrienne and I are both new to London. We’ve only lived here for a month and I don’t feel like going to the crowded local fair.

My dad and Adrienne’s dad own a business together, and they had to move our families from America to London to make the business more successful. We’ve been only living here for a month and since its summer; we haven’t made any new friends.

I decide to go fix my hair and dress into nicer clothes. I brush my long brown hair out, leaving it natural and straight. I put on my makeup, adding a little eye-liner on my top eyelid, making my dark brown eyes more noticeable. I slip on hot pink shorts and a black lace tank-top.

I sit on my bed and scroll through my twitter, reading the recent tweets the boys of One Direction have tweeted. I hear a car horn; it must be Adrienne and her mom. I slip on some black sandals and say good-bye to my parents, walking out the front door.

The fair grounds are crowded. We walk up to the ticket booth.

“Ten tickets each!” Adrienne chimes, handing the woman 10 Pounds.

“How old are you?” She asks.

“Fourteen, why do you ask?” I ask.

“There is a discount on your meal for tonight if you are 15 or younger.” The woman says.

“Oh okay.” I say.

“Wait dear are you pushing my buttons?” The woman questions, “You look like you are about seventeen, shorter, but seventeen.”

“No ma’am, Adrienne replies, “She is really fourteen.”

The woman nods and hands us our tickets. We go and ride the Switzler, and the Mind Bender and several other rides. We are walking to the next ride when we hear someone shout Adrienne’s name.

“Adrienne!” Someone shouts again.

She whirls around.

“Drake!” she exclaims.

He walks towards us.

“Hey Kinley do you mind if I talk to my little sister for a little while?” He asks, “You know since I just got back from America?”

“Sure.” I say, as they start to walk off.

I walk through the crowds, trying to find a place to sit. I hear a sudden roar of screams, I looked in the direction it was coming from. Suddenly, I run into someone. It knocks me down. I look up and see a group of older teenage boys looking down at me.

“I’m sorry, but next time try to watch where you’re going?” A tall dark haired boy with hazel eyes joked.

I got to my feet and apologized. I started to walk past him and his friends when he turned me back towards him.

“So are you single?” He asks pulling me closer.

“And how old are you?” I ask, struggling to free myself from his grip.

“Seventeen, seems like close enough to the same age as you.” He smirks, “You’re seventeen or eighteen right?”

“No!” I shout, yanking my arm from his grip.

I start to walk away again when his group of friends surround me. Trapping me.

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