Hanyu - Bad Blood

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Requested by: Chebela_OffWhite

Genre: Flirty

Vampire AU

Words count: 648

ξηjογ τhε sτοrγ~😘


(Hanyu's p.o.v)

I wondered in the woods as I searched for my prey to fulfill my hunger for blood. I leaned against a tree and sighed "Oh lord it's almost time for me to go back home to (Y/N)-" I ruffled my hair and rubbed my face, sprinting my way to her house. As I reached my destination I cleaned myself up and walked up to the front door.

But I didn't even touch the door knob, and it swung open, revealing my beautiful girlfriend. (Y/N).

She greeted me with her amazing smile and engulfed me in a warm hug. I'm also not like one of those cold asf vampires, I'm normal body temperature. She looked up at me, it's really cute cuz she's 5'2 and I'm 5'7. Such a soft little shorty. I thought to myself as I placed a gentle peck on her lips, which resulted in her scrunching up her nose and hiding her face in my chest.

I chuckled and pulled her closer, kinda picking her up while walking into the house. She made cute grunting noises as I hopped to the couch.

I slightly pulled her away and smiled, she smiled as well and nuzzled he nose against mine. Why is she so cute! I thought as I blushed. "I love you (Y/N)" I said softly.

( Y/N's p.o.v)

My heart began to race as I heard those two words slip out of his mouth. Yeah its been almost a year since we've been dating, but still, my heart flutters when he speaks. "I love you too Hanyu~" I said with a smile plastered on my face. I giggled as he pulled me closer, he smelled so sweet.



I paced back and forth in my room, I was so nervous to tell (Y/N) about me being a vampire. I never told any of my human friends. I slowly walked out of my room and downstairs to where (Y/N) was. "Hey, (Y/N) I need to tell you something" she looked up at me and smiled. "Yes Hanyu?" I took a deep breath and sighed "I'm sorry for not telling you this sooner, but, I'm not human..." she looked at me worried and looked around. "Your joking right? You know I don't take jokes well-" She frowned and sat up straight. "I'm a vampire-" she grew pale and shook her head. "NO YOUR NOT HANYU PLEASE TELL ME YOUR JOKING!!"   I shook me head and pulled he up, and brought her head to my chest. "Do you hear that?" she sniffled and was on the edge of crying. "N-no, I hear nothing-" I sighed. "Exactly, I'm not human, I have no heartbeat, I'm dead-"

(Y/N) began to cry as she softly pushed me away, her eyes red from crying. She looked upset but at the same time scared. I took a step closer to her and she backed away, lifting her hand up. "Don't come near me!" she sobbed and wiped her tears. "I won't hurt you I swear, please I'm sorry, don't treat me like those other people!" I began to cry as I tried to hold her hands. She gave up and cried, I pulled her closer and held her closer. "I love you... please don't leave me, I love you to much to let you go, your the only person who made me feel normal-"

She looked up at me and sighed. "I'm sorry, I was blinded by the fact that you might hurt me that I never thought about how much you really care about me-" I cried more and pulled her into a sweet yet passionate kiss.

"I love you, I always will. I will never think of hurting you..."

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