Chapter 2

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Previously on COTNAN (Chronicles Of The Noble: A Ninja):

Tomorrow Ciel Earl Phantomhive, the Queen's Watchdog, the head of the Phantomhive noble family, the son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, and the owner of Funtom Company, will considered as dead.

And tomorrow Ciel Phantomhive, along with Sebastian will depart to place where humans and demons are treated equally, but the Devil, Lucifer, he has other plans for little Ciel.



♕ Chapter 2 ♕

Start Of The Game

Me and Sebastian were sitting in a carriage doing nothing in particular when a bright light indulge us both which made me made me close my eyes.

A few seconds later I opened my eyes, we were in a dark place. There wasn't a single ray of light yet I can see. There was no trail, no carriage, just me and Sebastian.

Sebastian stood in front of me, ready to shield me from any threat. Suddenly a bright light appeared again indulging us again, like before I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes we were on a big contraption of chess board with pieces as big as Sebastian.

I looked forward, there was a man sitting in a golden throne.

The man had long midnight black hair and fuchsia-red eyes, demon eyes, he wore a blue white-furred cloak with a silver chain connecting both side, a white dress shirt with a golden ribbon underneath a red vest, a brown short that reaches his knee and black ankle boots. He had a golden crown and a golden scepter.

What really intrigues me is the fact that he screams power and royalty. There is a part in me that's telling me I should fear this man.

Sebastian kneeled at the man. I stood there, confused of the situation. "Master Lucifer," he greeted the man.

"Stand up Sebastian," the man ordered Sebastian which made me more confused.

Sebastian complied. "Hello, Little Ciel," the man greeted teasingly which made me annoyed, especially of the name he called me... but how did he know my name?

The man smirked my confused and annoyed expression. "Sebastian, who is this man?" I asked Sebastian, who apparently knows this man.

"This is the king of the Underworld, Lucifer... our king, he rules over every demon and he is what humans refer to as 'the devil'. Though... Master Lucifer isn't the outfit a bit too exaggerated," Sebastian answered.

"Oh, leave me be. Isn't this how royalty looks like in the human realm," King Lucifer interjected with a smirk still on his face.

I was shocked. I wasn't knowledgeable that the Underworld had a king. You would think that demons are uncivil creatures yet they have monarchy. Hmm... interesting.

"And why do we owe this pleasure, your Highness," I asked King Lucifer with formality. Now that I'm a demon then he's my king too.

"Since Little Ciel's game of 'revenge' is finished, I decided to start a new game."

"Uh oh." I heard Sebastian said to himself.

"Don't worry, Little Ciel here 'might' survive this game," King Lucifer assured both of us but it only made me feel the opposite. "Little Ciel will be playing a game of survival."

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