Fainting from a kiss

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I kneel on the ground and mark my hands from Pops' Armpit. I place my linked hands near the center of his chest and started giving compressions.

"Get the pocket mask." I tell Aniket.

He struggles to find it, and I shove him away from the bag and retrieve it myself.

I place the pocket mask on his mouth and give two breaths. Aniket carries in Mayma and places her near me.

"Kanya," I gasp, giving the chest compressions. "Pour some water on her face." I say nodding towards Mayma.

Her hands shake as she picks up the glass, and pours the water on Mayma's face.
Aniket shakes her by the shoulder, and Mayma opens her eyes faintly.

"Give her some water." I sigh. "She'll be fine."

When Mayma sits up and shrieks over husbands' unconscious body, I tell Aniket to get her out.

Aniket picks his mother up swiftly and carries her outside to the car.

He comes back and stands above me, struggling to comprehend the situation.

"Go away, he needs air." I say, pushing on his chest.

After a half hour of CPR, I'm struggling to breath. My asthma kicks in and I'm coughing too.

"You know what, the ambulance is not going to get here. Get him in the car and I'm taking the long route, away from the traffic. C'mon! Pick him up, Aniket!"

Aniket looks at me like I'm crazy. "Let's wait for the Ambulance."

"He'll die before it gets here."

"Fine," Aniket yells, and picks up his father.

We strap the man into the seat. "Kanya, you know how to drive?"


"Aniket, come to St.Anne's hospital in your motorcycle."

"I need to be with him."

"Don't worry. The best heart surgeon in India is treating him. He'll be fine. Your not a doctor and you'll only cause more stress for Kanya while she's driving."

I push him towards his motorcycle and ask the security to open the gates.

Mayma is crying and wailing as the car turns the curb, but I pay no notice. I'm giving compressions in the back of the car, while Kanya is driving. I take off his shirt and bring out the razor from my first aid kit to shave his chest hair. I finish quickly and place the AED pads on his body; one on his right side, and one underneath his heart. I plug in the AED in car's back outlet, and wait as the machine analyzes his condition.

"Shock recommended. Stay clear."

"Clear." I yell in habit, and take my hands off of Pops.

"Shock has been administered. Continue CPR." I do as I'm told and continue as we reach the hospital.

"We're here." Yells Kanya, and I push the car door open and unbuckle his seat belt.

As I give him another shock, his body pounds up and his eyes open.

I sigh in relief. "Oh Pops, you're alright!"

He lays on the seat, confused. "Can you hear me?" I snap my eyes in front of his face. He's in shock.

Kanya has brought a nurse and a gurney. I lead Pops out of the car and onto the gurney and sigh as they push him toward the hospital. I run with the nurse, and Kanya as the nurse pushes the gurney into a room.

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