dis is why i am emotional child

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hi ppl

i s2g imma make this book into my diary-

but a n y w a y s

im sad 2day cuz my art teacher is getting fired by her own decision.

And honestly???

I wanna cry cuz she was one of best teachers I ever had.

she is giving her job away cuz her sister and her sisters husband died in car accident, left a 12 yr old girl and she is adopting it. Which is rlly sad.

and toda was last time with her in art class and i tried not to cry entire time.

At the end, i burst down and hugged her when everyone left the classroom.

Also some kid from my sis class threatend her to kill her with chair for some reason.

idk whole story but that is not ok, i think that police had came.

i d k

and now i just wanna cry and she told me to follow my dream when we hugged.

cuz i told her that i wanna be animator and work for Disney when i grow up.

i a m f i n e

bye  also pls request here smth while i go and cry in bathroom.

*distance cries and scream*

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