Calm The Fire: 133

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Laying peacefully asleep, Thorin reached up to try and remove the light feeling of something gracing his cheek. More times than not he actually ended up almost hitting himself in his half asleep state. His eyes slowly opened though when there was quiet laughter.

Looking down he looked to Náriel. She was still wrapped up in his arms. He seemingly hadn't let her go from last night. She reached up and slowly traced her fingers down his cheek.

"It's a slightly odd wake up call isn't it?" She questioned quietly while doing it again only to rest her hand against him.

Thorin couldn't help but roll his eyes. He saw that as fair karma. He did that action enough to her. It was only fair she repaid the favour. "Any reason why you have decided to wake me up?" He asked curiously while tightening his arms carefully around her.

She shook her head slowly. "My King, it is almost noon. We do have a banquet to prepare for this evening. Food to arrange. Settings to be sorted. And guests to be confirmed." Náriel replied politely while watching as his eyes widened with each word she spoke. Looking over his shoulder, Thorin could clearly see the bright sun which was filtering through underneath the curtains. He looked back at Náriel. "What? Did you think I was lying there? I'm being truthful. All of it. It is almost noon, Thorin and we do have a lot to sort out today...or what remains of the day at least."

"I'm surprised no one has come looking for either of us."

Náriel rolled her eyes at this. "You are King, yes. But everyone can do tasks without you." She didn't even bother including herself in her reply.

"So..." He trailed off and pulled her closer. "If they can do tasks without my say so, can we just stay here?"

"I never pictured you to be lazy." Náriel mumbled while placing her hands against his chest.

Thorin frowned. "Considering everything, I think we can all have a lazy day, don't you?"

"Not today. Out of all days, no." Náriel said while trying to get free from his grasp, only to fail. Sighing she looked up at him. He just smiled faintly and shut his eyes again. Laying her head back against the pillow she looked up at him. He wasn't asleep. He was just laying with his eyes shut, but even still he looked at peace. Reaching up she brushed stray dark locks of hair out of his face. This caused his eyes to open a fraction and look down at her.

Náriel smiled and patted his arm gently. "Come, we should go see what everyone is up to." He knew she was right. They should. But he honestly just wished to stay laying by her side.

Sighing he moved one of his arms. She sent a grateful smile at him before reaching down and grabbing a spare throw from the end of the bed. Wrapping it around her bare torso she stood and looked down as it trailed along the floor. Giving a shrug she just walked away to the bathroom. Soon the sounds of the bath being filled echoed quietly through the room.

Laying on his back Thorin looked to the ceiling. He looked to the side as Náriel reappeared. She opened the wardrobe and rummaged through it before finding her clothes for the day.

Turning around she looked to him. Walking over she sat on the edge of the bed. "Not planning on getting up at all today?" She teased with a smile.

Rolling his eyes he pushed himself to sit. "I'm up."

Náriel shook her head and smiled at him again. "Go, I'll meet you downstairs." She leant forwards and pressed her lips against his softly.

Thorin let out a quiet sigh at the almost non-existent touch yet when he went to respond and pull her close to himself he found that she had moved away.

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