Chapter 03

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Kuro and Lara walked through the suite doors into the lounge. Craig was seated on the couch and jumped up, happy to see his girlfriend.

"You guys sure took long, I got a little worried there," he said.

"He wasn't that strong, he's a newborn anyway," Lara replied as she kissed Craig. Kuro had this irritated look on his face as to how the whole Seth situation was dealt with.

"You should have killed him, Lara. Who knows what he could be getting up to as we speak?" Kuro shouted.

A man stepped out of a room, in a full black suit. His eyes were flushed black with blue irides, the same blue that reapers had in their shifted forms. However, given the number of souls a reaper has reaped, their power grows to a point where they're constantly in their reaper form without the need for them to be in a cloak and skeletal form. The man had silver hair and was slim but with a muscular lean build.

"He's feeding, and fast," the man said, "Kuro is right, Lara. You should have ended him right there."

"Rex, if Kuro wasn't so late then I-"

"Leave it!" Rex interrupted, "Craig, I want you to bring Seth here. Alive. If we continue to leave him going about killing humans and reapers, this will be something The Order will be liable for." Rex nodded and vanished.

"That guy can be a prick sometimes," Lara said.

Craig looked at Kuro who had his head hung in disappointment. Craig left the room and called the elevator. As the doors opened, Kuro stood in the elevator with his arms crossed, "I'm coming with you." Craig looked back into the room at where Kuro was just standing and was in awe at how he was able to move that quickly.

Seth walked the park as he needed a change of scenery. His house was far to quiet to think and the sound of cars and sirens here and there really helped him cope.

"You've really changed, Seth," a voice spoke.

Seth stopped and summoned his scythe out of black mist. A grin stretched across his face as he turned around, ready to fight.

Atop a tree stood Ryan. Seth's eyes widened and he froze in shock. Ryan stood there, the same red hair, the same freckles, eyes and everything. Except, on Ryan's back was a scythe.

"Is this what you've become?" He asked Seth. "Killing mortals in act of revenge? Like Kerry?"

"Ryan, what are y-" Seth stuttered, having not seen his friend in so long and one of his wonders was what had happened to his soul, "Are you a reaper?" His focus was on the difference in their robes. Not to mention that his cloak had stripes which made it look like a uniform.
"Been a while, old friend. I see you've kept yourself in good form," Ryan said, ignoring the fact that Seth skipped his question. 
"Dude, where have you been all this time? Have you any idea the shit I've been through? The shit I have seen?" Seth said.

"Of course, and more," Ryan answered.

"Why? Why didn't you come and find me?"
"I was sent away. To be away from the mortal realm. In the span of it all, I've become a qualified reaper."
Seth felt immense jealousy. He meant what he said in having experienced the deaths, the constant hiding from other reapers stronger than him, and the never-ending hunger for reaping souls of their essence.
"Answer my question, Seth. I was sent to find you after you tried to kill a student. Kerry." Ryan said, jumping down from the tree.

"I was friends with her first. I loved her first! She had morals, better taste, a higher pedestal! Guy comes along and with one word and she's all over him. She didn't think. She was so blinded by his words that she never realised the kind of guy he was. She let her emotions get the better of her judgement. And what happens next? The guy is the brother of our killer! Man, I wish I saw her face at my funeral. Hell, imagine her face at his funeral!" Seth laughed out loud but Ryan had a stern expression and continued to listen.

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