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Rebecca's pov


I said to Greta, who had helped me unpack against my own will. She stopped right at the door and turned to me, I could see that she felt very bad for me, but I needed answers and I was gonna get them.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Just call me Becca," I told her. "I need to know who this Emeliano is, who is your boss really?" I asked her.

She raised her brows and gave me a small smile. "Sir Emeliano is everything. If you really want to know more about him, you can check the internet, there are so many interviews and stories about him."

"I don't want to rely on the internet... I need something real... I need to know what I've gotten myself into. Is he going to kill me?"

"No- of course not, Sir Emeliano is all things but a killer."

I gave a sigh of relief at that. 

"He's just a really busy man that demands respect and orderliness. I've said all I could, if you really want to know the Sir, you need to check the internet or ask him. I'll be back up to call you for dinner... You need to freshen up."

"I don't want to stay here." I sounded defeated.

"I'm afraid it's not your choice. I'll inform you when dinner is ready." She gave me a small smile and walked out, closing the huge door behind her.

Immediately, I brought out my laptop and began to find anything I could, I just glanced through different articles about him.

Emeliano Alfredo. The youngest CEO in Orlando, one of the richest man in the world, he was known for his good looks and intelligence- there have been some rumors of him being part of a royal family- explains the castle like mansion. There was actually no rumor about him ever dating anyone, but there was a small issue about him having an affair with a married woman, Camilla Schmitt. The wife of a competing company.

There was also some talks about him being the most ruthless man to ever exist- it was apparent that people feared him.

He was also an important person in Orlando, he bought so many companies here, including the Lewis empire. No wonder he threatened me with so much confidence! There was also a complaint issued against him, but the cops didn't pursue him, seeing that he was stinking rich and could buy the whole sheriff station and their loyalty.

"I am the cops." That's why he was so sure of himself!

Immediately, the door opened and a male worker came in... Grabbing my laptop and the purse where my phone was.

"What do you think you're doing?" I stood up and rushed to the worker who was already making his way to the door without an explanation.

"You're not allowed to use any device. These will be returned to you after 14 days." The man said.

"What! You can't do that!!!"

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