Draco and I are still going strong and nothing seems to lighten my spirit. Izara is now 2 years old and walking aswell as the constant babbling that is coming from her mouth.

Today we are telling the school about her. We talked to the headmistress and after what seemed liked months, she agreed to let the school know. It was really hard not letting anyone know about Izara. There is only one problem in the reveal. RON. I don't know how he is going to react. Hopefully not to rash.


Hermione and I walked into the great hall, Izara sitting on my hip and babbling. As soon as the other students noticed our presence gasps and whispers were traveling throughout the hall. Ron's growl was obviously the loudest. We took our seats at the Ravenclaw table and waited for Mcgonagal's speech.

Prof Mcgonagal's POV

I really admire the two children, now young adults. Hermione and Draco have been through some tough times. Mr.Weasly is going to be one of those. I silenced the school so I could tell them the news.


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