Do I have to?

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Its really been a while, videos are made, I showed up in some of them, got teased cuz Eugene is such a weird ass guy, I swear.

So I was sitting in a couch then I hear Eugene say

"Babe, hey, so a question. Why is this funny?" He showed me his phone, and apparently in the group chat they we're laughing at how he was asking what to wear

"You're asking what to wear to meet a baby?"

"I mean, it should be impressed when it first meets me"

"Do you think it will remember when he first sees you? Just wear your normal clothes. I gotta go dress up myself, we're leaving in 30 mins" I told him, then ran off to take a shower.

I finish and we leave for shooting. They talk about stuff, and Eugene learned not to call the baby 'it'. Then we set off to Ned's house. Since me and Eugene sat at the back, they had to stop us from making out in the car. Well fuck them cuz we did it anyway, I blame it on him though, he's so sex-thirsty. So we get there, I had to push Eugene off me and brush my hair again, and we head for the door.

"I hear Bean!" Zach says as we hear the barking from inside. Then Ned finally comes out.

"A bearded Fulmer emerges"

We say our hi's, do the hugs then go inside to meet Wes. As they get Wes, and Keith and Zach just gawk at it. Im with Eugene trying to convince him to go to the baby. "C'mon, you need this, for the video and because you said once in one of the videos, you wanted a child"

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, they're gonna drag you there anyway, its inevitable."

Zach gets Eugene and I follow behind him. "He's so small" he whispers.

"Well, no shit, Sherlock" I say back to him, quietly.

Keith is just holding the baby now and and he's just in awe of it. After he says stuff like about how it smells, he switches with Zach. Zach comes after washing his hands. He takes the baby and holds it like a sacrificial lamb. He just doesnt want to drop it so, Im fine. In my opinion the people with the least experience are the sweetest cuz they just dont wanna hurt the baby.

They go to change his diaper, look at his butt or whatever. They even put sunglasses on him (maybe its for mmmblocking out the haters). Then, we step away

"Being a baby is like, my ideal life. You just get to sleep and shit and eat"

"Dont say shit in front of a baby"

"Wait, what are the words we cant say in front of a baby?"

"Oh y'know like, fuck, shit, dick, and godamn" Ned whispers to us. And just as he says that, Keith and Zach just start wheezing.

"Noted" Zach says through laughing.

"Why was dick third?" Eugene asks

"No one likes saying dick" Keith replies

After that mini cuss session, we finished changing diaper then it was Eugene's turn after this. I know he doesnt wanna but he has too. Its really cute though, the reason for his hesitation. By his words 'its too precious'

As they finish changing the diaper , Wes opens his eyes. Everyones is aww and Zach says "I guess I wanna give him a kiss" he does and Zach is just grinning ear to ear, "it's like kissing a little peach". Eugene refuses to kiss it but everyone's insisting that he do. He even asks "should I wash my lips with soap?". He gives is the kiss and it was the cutest thing.

We go back to the couch and after talking, its time for Eugene's turn. After his resentment of ever making contact with Wes, he goes in with his pinky to try to touch him. Eugene is adorable. He goes to watch his hands and I just hear Keith whisper to me, "Eugene's gentle right now, is he always like this?"

"Sometimes but its really cute how much he cares not to hurt it"

"I know right" Zach chimes in "I just didnt want to drop it but Eugene's acting as if touching it will give it like a papercut or something"

"Yeah" I sighed imagining how much of a great dad he will be if we ever have children. Just seeing how happy Ned and Ariel are.

Eugene doesnt want to hold it and insists he just touches it. He goes in to poke it gently and it grabs a hold of his finger. You can see that certain spark in his eyes that he wants to be like that someday. "Hi, Wes, hi, baby" he whispers.

After that cute little moment, its unfortunately time for us to go. Wes starts crying as we leave. And everyones just so happy.

We get in the car and after a moment of silence Zach says, "Y/N, you never got to hold Wes"

"Yeah, why?" Keith asks

"Its fine, you guys, I'll get a chance one day, with my own child" I say as Zach and Keith are smiling and look at Eugene.

"What?" Eugene says

"Why, don't you want a child?" I ask

"Someday" he says and the guys cheer.

"Lets go already" Eugene mumbles and I smirk. Keith starts driving, the car starts moving, and I place my hand on Eugene's thigh. He looks at me and I peck his lips. He sighs and kisses me back. I straddle him and deepen the kiss despite Zach and Keith yelling for no more makeout sessions in the back seat.

We arrive back at Ned's old house to start editing and they open our door but then yell out again, lookong away. Because apparently Eugene and I end up with ke straddling him, palming his boner, and him with one hand tugging at my hair and the other halfway up my shirt.

~timeskip when yall get home~

I go up to the bedroom with him and we do the do.

Sry for that ending, finally reached over 1000 words, which is big for me. So yea, its been a while, will be catching up, and not gonna do all of their vids but dedinetly some. Also, should I do smut? Comment if anyone is even still reading

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