A horrible welcome!

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Drac couldn't thank me enough for what I done. He promised me that I get a reward for this. Even so, I was surprised to get something for my harsh treatment. We decided to keep it between us...our little secret.

Jonny however, was stuck on my leg, whining about Mavis torture last night. I stayed blank, "It is your own fault." Mavis took care of Dennis today, while her husband had to walk the puppy. His eyes went wide at the huge thing, chewing on another skeleton guest. He couldn't resist though, "N/A...Are you free today?"

"Oh no! I am so busy today."

Of course it was a lie, but he doesn't need to know that. I wasn't aware that it became indeed, a busy day. Out of the blue, the two lost friends were walking into the hotel, like nothing had happened. My mouth was wide open, as they greeted me as usual.

"Hi there N/A!"

"Don't you dare 'hi there' me! Where the hell were you two! I was worried sick!"

Completely overwhelmed from their return, I didn't see the other three odd people joining them, "Who are they?"

"Our new dudes, we met them at the festival. They really rock N/A"

"I don't give a damn, if they rock, wiggle or anything... just tell me what you were up to?"

If I would have known what kind of guys they met, I should have been more careful. They told me about their conversations and what they done. Apparently, their 'new dudes' are hunters. They love to hunt anything that they could rip their furs off. I swallowed hard, as they explained how they would do that. "Fascinating" I said, inside, I felt sick. Lora was excited about it, "And we thought, they might find something here in the forest." My eyes darkened, "Or, if you cared to take a look around, inside the hotel." Connor frowned at my comment, "You sound like you have changed your mind about this trip." "A lot of things happened since you were gone. Just take your group and get out of here." I didn't mean it in a bad way, but my friend seen it otherwise. "Fine, tell Jonny that we stay in the village. We come back tomorrow." I had a bad feeling about this. Their eyes were full of anger, as they left the lobby in silence.

Mavis has watched us from the reception. She noticed how I feel, "N/A, where are they going?"

"It doesn't matter, they will be back. Believe me, it is for the best."

For once, Jonny wasn't as goofy as before. He was worried of his old friend's behavior, "What happened to Lora and Connor. I couldn't recognize them anymore." I was glad he sees it the same way. To make sure that nothing is going to happen, I had to talk to Drac. To know that they love to hunt worries me even more.

Drac however, had other plans.

He wanted to surprise me with a vacation to Hawaii. He watched his daughter for a long time and noticed how well she runs the place. For a few days he could leave her alone. The real plan for Drac was to make this an unforgettable trip. His main wish is to take our relationship a step further. He stood in front of his portrait with Martha, smiling wide, "You darling, she is so much like you. I am sure now...she is the one. Wish me good luck." Unaware that an eye watched him through the keyhole, while he kept on talking to Martha, it didn't like what it sees, "This could be a problem."

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