Chapter 3

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Phoenix the Fire Bird

It was only when she looked up and could no longer see their figures in the rain that she stood up and made her way into her house which was kept hidden and protected by runes which Freed had taught her how to use in case of intruders. Once she was inside, she practically dragged herself to the bathroom to clean herself up before she began to tend to her injuries when there was a flash of golden light from behind her and a familiar voice rang around the room.

"Why didn't you call on one of us? We could have protected you from their attacks..." spoke the fiery redhead from behind her, his suit similar to that of the zodiac lion, Leo only that he had a red trim and his eyes black as coal.

"Phoenix... I'm sorry but I didn't have the magic energy and you know how the rain effects me when my magic is low..." she looked at him through the reflection of her bathroom mirror as he removed his suit jacket and hung it up before folding his sleeves up his toned arms.

"I apologize... But the others are all worried... I came to help you with your wounds to ease their minds..." Phoenix spoke as he pulled out some burn cream and bandages.

"Thank you, Phoenix... It means a lot that you all worry for me so..." she sat on the edge of the tub as he made her remove her shirt and pants, leaving her in her underwear.

"Of course, we're your friends and we care about you, even if some don't admit it..." he chuckled lightly as he began attending to her burns.

A light blush covered her cheeks as he began wrapping bandages around her burnt limbs and her torso before he moved to deal with the burns on her cheek.

"Did I do something wrong to make them hate me so much...?" she asked him suddenly, causing him to look her in the eye.

"Of course not. You've always done all you can for the guild and its members, so don't think otherwise"

She only nodded slightly and closed her eyes as he wrapped bandages around half of her face, covering one of her eyes.

"I need to pack my things ready to go... Could you possibly help me Phoenix? That is, if you're not busy in the Celestial Spirit World...?" Hoshi asked as she started putting on a clean pair of clothes.

"I'd be glad to help, my lady" Phoenix smiled gently. "I'm sure some of the others would like to help too" he commented before walking to her closet to get her suitcase out for her.

"Thank you" she spoke softly as she watched him.

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