My Beloved, Forgive Me... Won't You? 1.5

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"Y- you, don't remember me?" The old man gripped my hand even more tightly and looked at me with his reddened eyes.

"XiuLan, don't you remember me as well?" The young lady spoke up and looked at me with uneasiness like the other two.

I looked at both of them then shook my head.

The old woman sighed deeply then informed, "The doctor said XiuLan lost her memories when she fell. He said that it may take longer for her to recover her memories but there's a chance that she won't ever recover them back."

"But it's alright as long as she is still alive, right?" The old lady smiled, her smile seems to can be broken down very easily but still tries to smile to reassure herself and everyone else.

The old man finally spoke up,
"We can still make new memories, right?" He then gently smiled to the other two and to me as well.

Their shoulders loosened a little bit, indicating that having that mindset eased them up a bit.

"What happened? You said that I fell so what exactly happened?" I nervously asked after the long silence. They all stared at me for a while then finally, the old woman then said, "They reported that you fell off the stairs, the specifics? We don't exactly know but you fell off from the main company stairs."

I subconciously lowered my head then pondered for a while. "Did anyone push me?" I asked them then turned my head back, staring at them looking for answers.

The old woman glanced at the old man, as if trying to confirm something. But the old man was feeling complicated as the old woman did.

"We don't know. The culprit ran away before the security found out who it was." The old woman averted her gaze from me. 

If they don't know then there's a possibility that the culprit was alone with me. Ah, my only task is to make the male lead, Chen Jing, to not be entranced by Mei Rong, so trying to remember who pushed me is useless, right?

The old woman walked to the door along with the other two then turned to me and said, "We're leaving for now. After all, you do need to get some rest."

"Ah, please wait for a moment!" I tried to reach out to them while they were opening the door. I still need to speak with them, there are still many things I need to ask. The old woman and the man seemed like there were only a few things they need to know.

The three let out a sound of confusion and stopped taking a step further outside the room. They stared at me as if they were wondering what I needed them for.

"Excuse me, but I need something to ask you, Just one would be enough." The old man stepped up and said,

"I'll be the-" but he soon got cut off by the young woman.

"Pa, you are busy enough. Ma, you're quite busy too. I'll just be the one to enlight Xiao Lan." The old man was pleased after hearing her reason. His expression had hints of acknowledgement.

"En, I'll leave XiuLan to you." The took one final glance from me and her then left the room. Just as the door shut, she asked me,

"What is it that you need to know?" Her voice didn't have the hint of maliciousness nor malevolence, it only carried curiousity and wonder.

"I want to know who Cheng Jing is. I heard maids include it while talking outside the door. I only heard a little bit and they were unclear as they sounded like mumbles because the boundary in here and out there was not small so..." I stared at her as I ask. Searching for any reactions, the storyline did tell me they were married at the time when Cheng Jing fell in love with Mei Rong. So maybe Cheng Jing is engaged with Luo WeiYing in this timeline?

"Cheng Jing? Oh, he is the top at A university. He has many admirers but not to the point where they actually go and confess. He has all the looks, talents, everything but his background is what drives them down. His background is nothing special, he came from a very poor family." She informed me without any signs of hesitance.

It seems that Luo WeiYing doesn't have any feelings for him at this state. So there must've been a special event for this to happen?

"What do you feel towards him?" I turned back to her then asked.

"Hmm, I feel admiration for him to work this hard. But it is nothing special." She immediately answered.


"But Xiao Lan, it's weird for you to be asking these questions just because of some gossip."

"Ah? Oh, he just caught my interest. Nothing special." I smiled reassuringly to her.

"But Xiao Lan, I feel like Cheng Jing may rise very quickly to the top! He excels everything to the point that his background not matter anymore for a lot of us there!" Her eyes immediately sparkled with admiration while holding my hand.

I gently smiled at her behavior.

"Xiao Lan, do you have more questions to ask?" She tilted her head while staring at me for any more questions.

I shook my head in response to her question.
"Say, if I have more questions, can I rely on you in the future for them?"

"Sure! Xiao Lan can rely on me!" Luo WeiYing gave a sound of affirmation.

"Since you don't have anymore questions to ask, I'll be leaving then." She turned around and went towards the door and shut it.

Once again, I am left alone in this room. Maybe I should go out in the garden tomorrow? I do need some fresh air. The days seem to go by slower while having nothing to do. A change of atmosphere might be better. Ah, that's right!

Shu Yue: System!

System: Yes, Host?

Shu Yue: I should have a statuses right?

System: If you're talking about titles and reputations in the OMFFILWM then none. You can't see your reputation in mission worlds while doing the mission, only after the mission either.

Shu Yue: I'm talking abou--

System: Current status or attributes? You know you have nothing to see so why waste the effort?

Shu Yue: Just show it to me.

System: Okay then.


Points: 0

Reputation: level 0, Beginner.

Experience: 0

Skill: None

Title: None

Luck Points: 2

Charm: 0

Items: None

Shu Yue: ....

System: See? You have nothing relevant to this world or any.

Shu Yue: There should be a shop, right?

System: There is, but you at least need to be at level 5 to get to the Bronze section of the shop.

Shu Yue: How many points do I need to get back to my world?

System: It requires you to be at level 500 to get back there temporarily.

Shu Yue: ...


A/N: Happy new year everyone~~

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