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Top daddy:
It's 3 am what are you doing?

I was reading a book while listening to music
I missed you
And decided to message

Top daddy:
Really now?
It's a good thing you're reading though

I read when I'm stressed

Top daddy:
Stressed? Why are you stressed?

Oh, it's nothing :)
Just some stupid family jizz
Oops I meant bizz
Or did I ? ;)))

Top daddy:
😂😂 What even?

Chinese food!

Top daddy:
You ordered Chinese food?
At three in the morning?

I just crave it
Maybe I should go to the convenience store and buy some milk pudding

Top daddy:
Jin, for the last time,
It's 3 in the goddamn morning
And if you leave now
I might fall asleep..

Aww no
But I really want milk pudding
Like, so badly

Top daddy:
Ugh okay fine, I'll try and stay up for you

Thanks babe ;))

Top daddy has changed this contact's name
Jin has changed this contact's name

Namjoonie Baby:
Yea sure
Why not :)

Cutie Seokjin:
Aww yay !!
I'll be back in about 10-30 min

Namjoonie Baby:
Thirty minutes?
That's too long
I'll miss you too much|
I'll miss you|
I might not make it
But I'll try

Cutie Seokjin:
Then follow me on Instagram and stalk my page so long! :D
My @ is seokjinnie_kim92
I'll be waiting ;))
As you wait..

Namjoonie Baby:
👌 Ok I'll go do that

Namjoonie Baby is offline
Cutie Seokjin is offline


Seokjin got up from bed and threw over an oversized Ryan The Bear sweatshirt and slipped on his flip flops. He grabbed his wallet as he left his house and walked to the closest open convenience store.

He walked to the back and took out about five containers of milk pudding before walking over to the front counter to pay for them. He heard the door open and shot his head in the direction.

Who'd be up this late?

Jin studied the boy's small frame. He had dirty blonde locks framing the sides of his face. He had bright brown eyes and chubby cheeks. He had the lips of a Bratz doll, but he somehow made it look really good on his face.

"He's not here," the boy huffed.

After getting his milk puddings in a bag, he approached the young blonde. He seemed no less than 19 and no more than 25. He looked up at Jin with confusion. Jin just gave a heart warming smile as he bent down a little to be level with the boy.

"Hi there. You look lost," Jin said, the smile never leaving his face.

"H-hi. Yeah, I'm kinda lost. My boyfriend lives in this area and he told me to meet him at "the" convenience store," the boy huffed out the words angrily, "but there are so much convenience stores in this area and I just moved here and I still haven't seen the whole area yet!"

Jin blinked a few times before chuckling at the outraged boy, who soon started nervously laughing. "You're adorable, I want to adopt you," Jin said before ruffling the boy's hair. "I'm Kim Seokjin, and I've lived here for a while. I could show you around."

"I-I'm Park Jimin," the boy stuttered shyly before breaking out into a cute smile that made his eyes disappear.

"Aigoo! You're so cute!" Jin exclaimed then grabbed Jimin's hand, dragging him out of the shop. "Okay," he stopped, "There are about 7 convenience stores in this area, 4 of which are open 24 hours. So, how many have you been to so far?" Jimin held up a hand showing 3 fingers. "Perfect! That means your boyfriend is closer than you think!"

"Seokjin-hyung, thank you so much," Jimin exclaimed as he bowed down low.

Jin got startled before lifting the boy from his shoulders and told him that the whole honorifics made him feel old. And that Jinnie-hyung or just Hyung was fine.

Jin dragged Jimin to the next open convenience store and, to Jimin's luck, a frustrated looking boy sat outside of the shop. Jimin ran over to him.

"Baekhyunnie!" he yelled and jumped into the boy's arms.

Jin smiled as he approached them. The older boy wrapped his arms protectively around Jimin as he played with his dirty blonde hair.

"Where have you been, you idiot?" he mumbled into Jimin's neck.

"I-I got lost," Jimin mumbled, making the older boy laugh.

He then spotted Jin staring at them. "Who's that?"

Jimin pulled away and stared at Jin. "Oh, that's Jin-hyung. He helped me find you. He's got this very parental aura, so I felt comfortable around him pretty quickly. You'll like him, Baekhyun," Jimin rambled.

Sure, Seokjin had a parental aura to most people, but he was very, very, very good looking and Baekhyun saw him rather as a threat. If this handsome man was helping his boyfriend around the place at almost 4 in the morning, then Baekhyun would definitely feel offended. Maybe he should've just told Jimin which store it was.

"Jimin, I'll leave now. Have fun, you cute love birds. Take care!" Jin said before running off.

"Bye, Jin-hyung!" Jimin called out, waving, receiving a wave in return from Jin with a wide grin.

Maybe I've just made a new friend.

Seokjin smiled to himself as he walked home.

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