eleven; please come home

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C H A P T E R E L E V E N ;

millie's pov;

"stay with us-"
"you got a pulse?"
"clear a room for surgery-"
"opening her up r-"
"boy needs to move back-"
"calling in on a-"
"someone hold her head!"
"left quadrant-"
"starting incision."

b r e a t h t a k i n g .

surrounding my pale skinny legs, flourished a beautiful garden of the most majestic purple flowers, they smelt like late weekend nights and summer days. their petals tickled against my skin softly, as i brushed my bare feet through the warm welcoming grass.

as bluebirds chirped, the steamy bright sun prevented my vision from reaching far though i didn't mind, it felt like everything i need is here with me anyway.

i sat down on natures carpet, my white dress laying gently amongst the wonderful smelling plants. i grinned and picked a flower from the bountiful soil, "thank you," i whispered.

taking a deep breath in and out with my eyes shut, i opened them up once again to be greeted with the same scenery, though the flower in my hand is now a knife, oh how horrid.

i peered down at my dress as a patch of blood flowed through me like a waterfall, "not again," i mumbled, wiping a dainty eyelash from my cheek and holding it on my fingerpad to make a wish.

this place is so lovely i don't think anyone would mind me leaving a land as peaceful as this. but i do think i ought to go back home sometime. how?

third person pov:

[ two days after the party.

his stature was lazy, the long figure rested on a blue cushioned chair with his face leaning against his slightly trembling knuckle.

finn's baggy eyes glanced tiredly at caleb entering the room that reeked of dirty clothes. the friend observed the hospital bed, taking note that millie was still in the same condition.

she was brought into the emergency room with a recovering weak pulse after a flatline, flying right into surgery. the surgeons performed around her stomach, restoring her blood loss and using multiple heat blankets to increase her body temperature.

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