Shower Me

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Rule Number Forty: Always think a plan through. Twice if you have to.

Winter was my favourite season, waking up in your room with the winter light peering in was so beautiful.

I liked the house colder than usual, it was the only way I felt comfortable.

I hated waking up after a long night of tears. It felt as if I hadn't bathed in days, I had to drag myself out of bed to the bathroom. I just wanted to lay in bed all day and fade away.

Turning on the tap, I washed my face instantly feeling relieved. The smudged make up flowed down the drain. The staff in the house were off for the day and so I would settle for avocado and toast.

I went back into my room to fetch my phone that no longer was flooded with messages. My hand grabbed the lone device off the mirrored surface of my nightstand.

In the midst of it all something caught the corner of my eye. I froze my blood running cold while pooling in my limbs. I couldn't bring myself to look in the direction of what I saw.

It was an intruder and I had to work fast. There wasn't anything to grab to defend myself. My best bet was to run out the door.

But when I turned to leave I got a better look of the person. And my fear turned to fury when I realized it was Harry Styles.

He lay fast asleep on the chair, his limbs cramped. And when I rounded the bed to get a better look at him, I realized he had changed.

His hair was longer, just below his ears. A few tendrils tucked behind his left ear. A shadow of a few days growth on his face. The loud print of his button-down peaked out from underneath the jacket that was haphazardly thrown over top of him.

Although he looked peaceful I wanted to smack him. I wanted to smack him so hard that it left a red welt that he thought about for weeks.

But I settled for a pillow instead, grabbing the silk cloud I threw it at his peaceful face. It startled him, his expression surprised and hazed as he was jolted out of his sleep.

I could tell he had to stop himself from his first reaction to scream. One of us would be screaming in a few seconds and it wouldn't be him.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house?" I spat not looking for an answer "I'm going to call the cops!"

I wasn't really going to call the cops, I just wanted him to sweat. He surely couldn't think breaking into my house and watching me sleep was acceptable.

He sprung from the chair, his shirt disheveled showing the black ink that his tanned skin held.

"You have every right to but will you let me speak to you before you do so?" He pleaded his eyes full of hope. Harry's hand reached between us, but I moved away before he could touch me.

I hesitated, not sure if hearing him out was worth it. He left me in London after sleeping with me, assisting me in cheating on my husband. I think it was quite obvious what he wanted.

"Go ahead" I decided, sitting on the edge of my bed. Harry breathed a sigh of relief before gesturing if it was okay to join me.

I nodded an 'okay' and he settled beside me. Even though he had just woken up he still smelt wonderful and looked good too.

I could tell that he was nervous, that he knew what ever he said wouldn't be taken well. I don't know if I could forgive him.

"Where would you like me to start?" He asked with a helpless look on his face.

I tried my best not to be annoyed, it wouldn't help me any. I needed to hear some sense amongst this mess. I doubt Harry had it though.

"Does it matter?" I shot back but leveled myself shortly after.

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