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I wanted to start over, so here it is

A place where I can really be me

You're probably only here if you're my friend (if you're not you might want to leave im weird) but if you're not hi I'm Elliott. I like writing and aim to be an actor when I grow up. I have not been in many productions yet but I was older Simba in this Disney mashup production I did in like 4th grade. Oh, and recently I got 7th male lead and aiming for lead this semester {EDIT: i got it}

As for friends, I have a lot (I know it sounds like I'm bragging but I actually kinda do, especially online). Hi Joan, Lavvie, Billie, Sam and everyone else if you're reading. Ily guys

Oh, and Robin Williams was amazing and I dearly miss him (did i mention that the genie in aladdin is my dream role?)

This book is gonna be angsty so hold on to your horses, dudes. Even though in full honesty I want this to be more positive than my old one. It'll also probably be a lot about my theater group so if you don't want to hear a thespian talk about how he's super stressed for his audition you might want to leave XD

-Elliott (yes im still signing off, i kinda have to at this point)

I couldn't think of a creative title (rantbook)Read this story for FREE!