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So here's the situation, John and I are always interested in making new content on YouTube and script writing is always a limiting factor. Writing good video scripts is HARD. You've got to be pithy, you've got to communicate effectively while still being entertaining, you've got to think not just about what the words say but how to best say them with video. 

Lots of people use actual script writing software, but John and I tend to just write in Google Docs or something and put in notes like [ON SCREEN - CAPTAIN PLANET EATS A CORDOG] or somethng. And, of course, much of what ends up in the video isn't written in the script. But if you want to see what a script tends to look like, I've put a few of them up on WattPad here. 

Anyhow, we're looking for some certain types of script writing, and we're going to be very discerning and picky (so don't worry if we don't comment on your work...we have very specific and particular tastes.) Here's are the topics we'd like to see scripts on:

1. Something about science...basically a SciShow script. Funny, corny, but also in-depth and accurate. Let how fascinating the world is carry you through, not how clever you are as a writer. Write for the layperson, but don't be afraid to go deep. Ideal writers will have experience in and knowledge of science. Tag these "scishow" (roughly 800 words)

2. Current events: But not, like "Here's what happened today." Instead, we like to discuss the context around topics. The idea is that "news" isn't actually a very good way to discuss reality. What happened today isn't particularly important. Being able to understand the context within which whatever happened  today happened is much more useful. Taking a recent example...yes, we need to know what is happening on the ground right now in Ferguson, but it might also be worthwhile to discuss the deeper history of race in St. Louis, a conversation which hasn't really been had. The goal would be to be completely outside of politics. Like, after reading a script on gun control, I would like to think to myself "The people on both sides of this issue have interesting and fair points and no one has any right to vilify either side." That is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT THING TO DO! Trut me...I;ve tried. Tag these "sensemaking" and "novw" (roughly 2000 words)

3. Personal Finance: We're looking largely for experts who can help people who are not experts deal with studen loans, create a budget, and invest wisely. This might seem like a pretty dry subject, but if you can make it exciting, this is an opportunity to help a LOT OF PEOPLE! Tag these "personalfinance" and "novw" (roughly 800 words)

4. Online Video: I know more about online video than just about anything else, so it's going to be hard to impress me here...but with a massive amount of people creating online video professional, John and I believe strongly that there needs to be a resource for people. When do you need to worry about copyright? What services to MCNs provide? How do you monetize your video? What's the difference between an ad and an integration? What do agents do? I would really love to work on this project myself but, as you might have noticed, I'M DROWNING IN THINGS!!! Tag these "vidthoughts" and "novw" (roughly 800 words)

If you are interested in writing a test script on one of these topics / styles, post them here on WattPad and tag them appropriately. If you are interested in workshopping other people's stuff, please add comments and rate things that have been posted and tagged as part of this project.

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