Chapter Three: "Take me to the sky"

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Word Count- 538

*Elton POV*

"Hey, Sam, what's up?" I ask. I hear him breathing hard through the phone

"Colby's hurt, Elton get any first aid stuff you can," Sam said I could tell this wasn't a prank, "He refused to go to the hospital,"

"Okay, how bad is it? What happened?" I begin panicking

"There's no time for questions, Elton, just clear out a spot where we can put him," Sam hung up, I put the phone down, and get the others,

"Corey, Devyn, Kat!"

"What? They all asked in sync,

"Get all the first aid stuff you have, something happened to Colby," I say as I rip all of the pillows off of the fold out bed. Five minutes later I hear their car pull out, everyone rushed outside to help Sam and Aaron bring Colby in. Colby was passed out in the car laying in Aaron's lap, "What the hell happened to him?" He had blood all over his hoodie, now, mouth, and lip.

Aaron gently got out of the car, Corey, and I was first to him. I grabbed his arm's carefully making sure he didn't get hurt anymore. Corey grabbed his legs, and we carried him in together to the bed.

"Colby?" Sam said, "come on Colby, you need to stay awake,"

Colby slowly opened his eyes, groaning in pain.

"W-what happened," Colby swallowed hard

"Colby, you were attacked," I said, "you need to stay still,"

"But I feel, I feel fine," Colby's eye's rolled to the back of his head as he started shaking violently.

"Bro, what the fuck is happening to him," Corey looked at me, but I was lost within my head, I don't know what to do, I don't want to lose my friend, I back up and turn to go to the bathroom to throw up.

*Sam's POV*

"Put him on his side, and put a pillow between his legs," Katrina yelled. At this point, we are willing to take anything.

"Someone call 911!" I yell. Devyn pulled out her phone, and dialed 911,

"Um, my friend, he got badly hurt," she swallowed, talking through sobs, "we think he got jumped, but now he is seizing" She waited, nodding her head, she gave the operator our address.

Fifteen minutes later the ambulance arrived, Colby stopped seizing. I climbed into the ambulance with him, while everyone got into their cars, and followed behind us.

"Hang an IV drip," One of them said, "I'm Michael, I understand that you are in shock right now, but I need you to answer some questions for me," I nodded, he was right, I was in shock, "How old is he?"

"Umm, 21,"

"Okay, good, do you know if he is on medication, or if he is allergic to anything?"

"He isn't on any medication I don't think, but I'm pretty sure he is allergic to anesthetics," My knee began shaking, Colby had a seizure, so doesn't that mean he might need surgery. I put my face in my hands until we arrived at the hospital, praying that Colby was going to be okay, he is my best friend, as cheesy as it sounds, I don't want to lose him, and I can't lose him.   

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