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I can't believe I had sex with Gelo last night after what he did, he was blowing my phone up all day and I really didn't wanna deal with him so I decided to go to the gym to get my mind off him.
I worked out at the gym for around 2 hours releasing all my anger that had built up because of Gelo and Liv. I left the gym and began running home putting in my headphones, as I arrived home i saw Gelo outside my house knocking on the front door. It looked like he had been there for a while, I didn't want to speak to him so decided to quietly walk around the back of my house in hopes he wouldn't see me.
Everything was going to plan until a cat ran out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me causing me to scream. All of a sudden I saw Gelo standing next to me , he was laughing his ass off and I couldn't help but laugh aswell that was until I remembered what he did. I began to walk away before Gelo grabbed my and pinned me against the side of my house, "What is it with you pinning me up against walls an shit?" I questioned with an annoyed voice. He smirked "let me come in so we can talk".
"You really are stupid if you think I'm going to speak to you especially after what you did" I laughed pushing him off me. "Katie, stop being stubborn and let me talk to you" he said with a serious tone.
" fine but only 5 minutes" I said giving in, I walked to the front door opening it allowing us both to enter.
Before I could say another word he spun me around and kissed me leaving me shocked, I pushed him away " Are you fucking serious you think just because i said we can talk that means you can kiss me?" I shout at him. He gives me a confused look "but I thought this is what you wanted" he said moving closer removing his top, "Gelo" I said sighing because it was so hard to not want him. He smirked at me before picking me up and putting me on the kitchen counter, I rolled my eyes because I was annoyed that I didn't tell him to stop because I didn't want him to. This boy drives me crazy!
He began to kiss down my neck making sure to leave marks, he blew against the now bruised skin which caused goosebumps to appear on my body. He was happy and I knew it by the expression he had on his face it's like he knew he had control over me and my body. He pulled my top over my head an that's when I remembered I'd just been to the gym and I probably smelt bad so I pushed him away. "No we're not doing this again, just go home Gelo" I said looking down. He picked his shirt up and kissed me on the head before leaving. I was so upset that it nearly happened again so decided to go and get in the bath to relax. I got out and put some cozy clothes in and decided to watch Netflix.

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