chapter seventeen - brewing amortentia

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A few weeks into December was already proving difficult for Lily. She had Prefect duties to attend to (though they were always fun because she normally had them with Remus) and Quidditch practice, plus all her classwork. Lily had been told on multiple occasions by Laurelle and Marlene that James would make them practice in any weather but she hadn't really taken it into account until she was the one walking back to the Common Room after a practice, sopping wet from rain.

But one good thing that Lily could be happy for was that Christmas was coming. One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts awoke to find itself covered in several feet of snow and the Lake froze solid. The Marauders were punished for bewitching snowballs to hit anyone who dared to go outside and a few Slytherins were caught attempting to iceskate on the Lake.

The majority of the school were impatient for the holidays to begin. They were the ones who were going home for the holidays. While Lily was terribly excited to see her parents again, she could just see the unwelcome, rude look on Petunia's face that greeted her everyday and would want to stay at school.

Besides, Hagrid had been seen moving large fir trees into the Great Hall, and Alice Fortesque, Head Girl and also the organizer of a ball Hogwarts was throwing, had shown Lily and the girls how the Hall looked when it was done and it looked so nice and welcoming that Lily's heart ached to stay at school.

When the class of combined Slytherins and Gryffindors arrived for their last Potions class before the holidays, Slughorn announced that they'd be making the Amortentia.

"As I promised," he began. "You will be brewing Amortentia today in pairs. In order to tell if it is properly done, your partner and you will switch with the pair who is finished the same time as you.  You will inhale the potion. If you smell anything, you'll know it's properly made."

He leaned back in his chair. "Partners are..." and he began assigning partners.

"-and Ms Evans will be paired with Potter." Lily looked up in time to hear. She shared a smile with Marlene, who also winked, and before James could go to her table, she walked over to his.

"Hey, Evans." He smiled.

She smiled back. "Hello, Potter."

Once Slughorn had called out all the pairs he leaned even further back in his chair. "The person I have paired you with will be your partner for the rest of the year." There was a pause.

"You may begin."

"I'll get the ingredients." James offered immediately and she nodded. He stood up and strutted over to the store cupboards to get the ingredients. She watched the way his shirt rippled across his broad shoulders and back, and the way the soft curls on his head shone so dazzlingly in the light. She'd always hated how he had run his hands through his hair, but seriously, if she had access to a head like that, she'd run her fingers through it all day long-

"I'm back," James said cheerfully and he plopped down next to her again. She looked over the ingredients approvingly.

"Good, we have everything." She muttered.

Rolling up her sleeves and sliding her hair over her shoulder, she began to work with James to brew the Potion. She dropped one ashwinder egg into the cauldron and he added a handful of rose thorns. Next she added some refined peppermint oil and he one moonstone. They took turns stirring the mixture until finally, steam began to rise from the cauldron is spirals and a sweet smell filled Lily's nostrils.

"There we are," James said, satisfied, when they saw the mother-of-pearl sheen to their potion.

"Proffesor," Lily called out and Slughorn waddled over to their desk. "We're done."

He looked at the potion for a few seconds before declaring it excellently done. "I didn't expect anything less from you two." He muttered, smiling and winking at them. James caught Lily's eye and smirked, winking. She felt her stomach flutter as it did everytime he smiled at her.

"You two can swap with Mr Lupin and Ms Adams." Slughorn said and they walked over to the said pair.

They swopped cauldrons. "You go first." Lily told James nervously.

He leaned forward, strands of hair falling into his eyes attractively and closed his eyes, taking a nice, big whiff of the potion. He was still for a second. Finally, he said," I smell forest grass, broom polish, chocolate and some sort of vanilla/apple smell." He leaned away from the cauldron, satisfied.

Lily leaned over him, and his breath quickened, suddenly realizing something.  She was, of course, oblivious to his sudden increased breathing. She took a good, long whiff of the potion and closed her eyes. "I smell fudge, parchment, freshly-mown grass and some sort of cologne, Old Spice, I think." She sat back and stared into the pinkish potion thoughtfully.

Now where had she smelled that cologne again?


This is one of those super short chapters, I know, and I'm sorry but I had to. I'm going to start with Christmas holidays in Chapter Eighteen so yeah.

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