(Qynka) weird messages from the void

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Qynka swipes her screen and the apartment door opens and she and Qannen and Qannen's friend (air quotes) Sertralina slump inside and fall on the couches. It's been a a long freaking day and the fact that their apartment still suuucks barely even registers. They're just glad to not be at school. School! Bad. Home: also bad, but not as. And there's evidence that Kessl8 tidied, at least.

The trio sip their botanical infusions and catch up on the TL. Raminashi held a big rally in front of Cryomoon as a memorial to Lamantine and then apparently got so emotional about her memory he couldn't take the stage. Pathetic! 2 of the most senior members of the Kexolin clan are dead on The Refusees and Mexel Moracel, head trash collector, has vowed that Killandra Kexolin will be next. Also Qynka has a message from Daddy.

"Daddy wants to meet. Something about my appearance at ANGELWAX not going according to plan."

"That was such a fun night. How was fun not the plan???"

"Idk I can't deal."

"Speaking of good deals, if Sextrazole and Bye chooses your question for her advice column you can win half off an heirloom adaptogen powder at Mooooodpotion."

"I love advice columns. There will never be enough advice, or people giving it."


As Qynka goes to check her follower number she gets a new message.

[(void)]: are you hom

Qynka stares at her screen, unable to make sense of what she's seeing. "I'm getting weird messages from the void."

"Idk her," Qannen says.

Sertralina, who has been staring quietly at her screen all this time, leans to on one side and takes a picture of her butt. Then she swipes across her screen, sending it to someone. .5 seconds later Qannen's screen hums.

"Well good night we're going upstairs," Qannen says, rising and pulling Sertralina to her feet.

"Have fun you kids."

"Do you have anyone coming over or...." Qannen says.

"I hope not."

"Are you sure you're like....?" Qannen motions vaguely in Qynka's direction to indicate Fine with whatever this is this being your life is.

Qynka struggles to compose a response to that question. "Like in what way."

"You need to not be alone anymore."

"I'll never be alone," Qynka says, waving her screen.

Sertralina tugs Qannen towards the stairs.

"K well,,, bye," Qannen says and they're gone. Up the stairs, door slam and laughter then silence.

Qynka throws her empty juice pak on the floor for Kessl8 and continues to look at her screen in the dark and the quiet. When they entered the apartment the recessed ambient lights came on but otherwise the vibe is still pretty moody. Not that there's a view out the window but there's enough moonlight behind the night-time clouds that some of it filters into the room, mixing with the glow from Qynka's screen.

Oh wait she was checking her follower number. She does that. Her followers are basically unchanged. She is: unsure how to interpret that. Shouldn't being kidnapped on your first day of school benefit you somehow? It feels like it should!

She is distracted from this line of philosophical inquiry by another message from the void.

[(void)]: ar u comming

Qynka immediately says back: 

-idk who this is but stop talking to me your brand makes zero sense.

Whatever. It's late. She drags herself upstairs to her room. Her bed is exactly half made, which is annoying? Or fine? Maybe it's evidence that Kessl8 actually stayed out of her room.

[(void)]: FiNALY

Qynka rolls her eyes and ignores the message. She puts on something ambient to drown out the very wet noises coming from Qannen's room as she gets ready for bed. As she applies this new sound-activated lotion she got from TGreXt she imagines a world in which you could choose not to receive messages from certain brands. Like you could block them, somehow? It would be impossible and it would never happen but she can see how it might be helpful in certain circumstances.

[(void)]: cmere


-Leave me alone I'm not going anywhere, Qynka says, flopping back on the unmade side of the bed.

[(void)]: yay hi

-Seriously leave me alone I'm tired!! ok!!!

[(void)]: nooo been alon all day pay attention 2me


[(void)]: lmao come closer

-what are you talking about i'm staying as far away as possible

[(void)]: ha ha thats y yr lying rite next 2 me??

Qynka feels a chill skitter across every inch of her skin. She turns, slowly, towards the unmade side of her bed. It's empty. She exhales the breath she didn't realize she was holding. Is this harassment? What even is happening. She's used to people saying the dumbest most random sh*t at her all day. Putting up with it is basically her job. But something tells her this is not that. She brings her screen up to her face to write a very angry response, and sees, through the screen, a girl lying in bed with her.

Qynka screams and falls off the side of the bed. She freezes, holding her breath, waiting for something to happen. Nothing does. She pokes her head up over the side of the bed and sees: nothing. There's no one there.

She gets up onto her knees at the side of the bed. Without taking her eyes off the unmade side of the bed, she brings her screen up in front of her face. As soon as her eyes are looking through the lens of the screen she sees, very clearly, that there is a girl lying in her bed. Her face is blurry in places and she has solid black eyes. Her lips are pouty and the tight black outfit she wears - no discernible brand that Qynka can recognize - barely contains her curves, which seems to shift and pixelate in places, forming hard angles to her body that move and form somewhere else the second her eyes alight upon them. This invisible girl whose body is impossible geometry sees Qynka staring at her. She smiles and waves in a very let's get down to sexual business way

"Hi cu2ie," the [(void)] says.


OK WHAT is this hot ghost girl in Qynka's bed??? Honestly???? Tell me what you think might be happening because I have no idea.

Friends, that's the end of Episode 3 and we're now halfway through Season One. I'm realllllly excited about the next Episode, we have a lot of fun stuff lined up.

Thank you for reading, thank you for voting, than you for your comments, and thank you so much to everyone who's posted about it on your socials and told friends about it. I can't express how much it means to me.

OK! As I post this is it Christmas 2018 so we'll take a few days for the holidays and then hit it HARD with Episode 4 in January. ilusm it's not even real


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