Fighting for an heir

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I kiss Aniket on the cheek, and fall asleep beside him.

I don't wake up for another twelve hours, exhausted from working my three day shift.

When I wake up, Aniket is curled around me. I pry his hands off of me, and get out of the bed. I wash off the blood splattered on my body and take a long hot shower to ease the soreness.

I head downstairs after I get dressed in a simple floor length dress, and start making breakfast. After Alisha dropped me off at my house last night, I came up to my room and feel asleep beside a sleeping Aniket.

Everyone in the house woke up after me. It was six in the morning and Aniket was still sleeping. At least, that's what I think. I haven't been up to check on him. I made his coffee, but I'm still scared to face him after our little fight.

I finished making breakfast and ate in the kitchen, away from the criticizing eyes of my mother who would tell me to eat after my husband.

I didn't know what I was going to do today. I couldn't go back to work, since I had completed my hours. And I had nothing else to do.

I decided to spend my day getting to know Aniket as Alisha suggested. That is, if he doesn't go to work. I don't even know what he does. I know that he is the CEO of a company, but I don't know more than that.

As I walk into the living room, a woman is sitting on the couch, watching some drama. She had raven black hair, neatly combed and very short. I couldn't take a look at her face. The front door was locked, so she is not an intruder. And she can't be the maid with the authority she has to sit cross-legged on the couch. She must be a relative. I decide to approach her, when Aniket strides down the stairs and takes a seat beside her. He kisses her cheek and pulls her in closer; the girl snuggles into him and puts her dirty little hands around my husbands' waist.

I clear my throat, trying to get his attention. He turns to look at me, glaring at me, and goes back to watching the drama with the girl.

How dare he! I glare at them, not wanting to cause a scene without knowing who she is. As far as I know, Aniket doesn't have any sisters, or girlfriends. Not even a cousin whose a girl. All of his cousins are guys. Did he pick up this girl after I refused to let him touch me? A wave of insecurities cross my head, but I decide to discard them.

I want to know who this treacherous snake of a girl is. A friend? A mistress? Who is she?!

I can't believe Aniket knows I'm here but is fondling some girl in front of me. I wanted to yell' 'I'm right here, you idiot!'

I was ripping my hair out in frustration by the time the rest of the family showed up. My mother and father had left, apparently. So it was just Mayma and Pops. I was eyeing the two love birds, cuddling, as I served food to my in-laws.

Mayma has noticed, and smirked at my jealousy. "They're just friends, my dear."

"Friends do not sit like that."

"Their best friends. They have grown up together." She says, reading the frustration on my face.

"Hmph." I say, deciding that Aniket definitely deserves punishment for this.

He's cheating on me, in front of me and I couldn't say a word.

The girl is flirting with my Aniket by now, putting her manicured fingers on my husbands chest. Oh no you don't! I stride towards them, and sit beside Aniket. I glare at the girl, but smile for the sake of it. "Hello, I'm Kanya." Says the girl, offering her hands. I look at the extended hand and shake it firm enough to break her tiny bones.

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