Chapter 14

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Being up at the ungodly hour of five thirty was no picnic, but in order to complete my mission, it was required. I had texted aunt Jenny last night, swearing her to the utmost secrecy, and she promised to be up to greet me when I arrived. She kept that promise, and as soon as she saw me walking up their drive way, greeted me at the door with a warm cup of hot cocoa. Did I mention she’s my favorite aunt?

“I know you’re in a rush, hun, but I just want you to know that I’m sorry for all that you’ve been going through lately. I’m here for you if you want someone outside your immediate family to talk to,” she said rubbing my back as we walked to her kitchen.

Sitting down for a minute to finish my cocoa, I placed my backpack full of supplies at my feet and said, “Thank you aunty. I’ll keep that in mind. So, you made sure to turn off Adam’s alarm?”

She laughed lightly, “Yes, right before I came down here. You’ll be the only alarm he gets today.”

Perfect. I understood why he told Ashtyn my secret, and a part of me appreciated him doing so, but the other fiercer side of me wanted to make him pay for spilling such private information before I had the chance to do it myself. Violence was never the answer between my best friend and I. No, we enjoyed more cunning, devious forms of payback and Adam was about to receive a doozy.

I slurped up the last of my drink and rose with my bag ready to get to work. “Wish me a successful payback.”

Aunt Julie smiled widely, “Good luck, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. You do know you’ll have to help clean whatever mess your plan creates though, right?”

I nodded, “Of course. What I’ve got planned is so worth it!”

Right before I left the kitchen her soft voice stopped me, “Arianna?”

I turned to look at her, “Yes aunt Julie.”

“I’m not sure if you’d want to hear this or not, but I’d like you to know that I’m happy you found your mate and I wish you a lifetime of happiness with him.” I smiled because I did want to hear that now that I’ve accepted Ashtyn and also because it was so like aunt Julie to say. She was a hardcore romantic which is why she was driving Adam mad with all her mate talk. 


Leaving the kitchen, I made a quick right that would lead to Adams room. It was clean for a teenage boys room, but that was expected with a mother like his. She once warned that if he wanted to live in dirt, he could very well sleep in the yard. Adam was a bit of a pretty boy at times and that would be a nightmare to him. So would what I was setting out to do. I made it to his room and pushed the already cracked door open, thanking the stars above that it didn’t creak. Bless uncle Travis’s handy man ways and the invention of WD-40 for it’s well oiled hinges.

The room was dimly lit from the slowly rising sun so I was able to see Adam’s sprawled form in the middle of his bed. I had to say another thank you that last night wasn’t hot, or I might be seeing a very naked backside instead of a boxer covered one. Tip toeing to his bathroom, I stepped inside and quietly shut the door, then felt along the wall for the light switch. I’d been here so many times in my seventeen years that it was basically my second home so I found it in seconds. Once light filled the space, I set my bag down and got to work. I filled his shampoo bottle with green dye that would wash out in a couple days, and then added some vinegar to his Axe body wash.

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