(Se7enJaw) the shadow demon emerges

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"Yeah you got it."

"Thanks mar." Se7enJaw releases his hold and extra_mar's screen buzzes to announce the arrival of the text book.

"Stay in school," Se7enJaw says, turning to leave. "Do not be a fool."

"Wait," extra_mar says, swiping frantically across their screen. "There's no answer key? How am I supposed to learn if I don't have the answers?"

"Honestly...there's no practical application for algebra IRL anyway."


Se7enJaw makes his way through the school, fighting whatever UnderClass try to stand in his way. Nothing is going to prevent him from getting to Qynka. Nothing is going to prevent him from rescuing her.

Is he in love with her? Maybe. But love is so political. Does he feel their brands are naturally aligned? Absolutely. He always has, since he saw her at a club when they were both 14. Bodyjuice. Long gone. It was the anniversary of Qynka's parent's tragic & untimely death and she and her sister were tearing the place up. He didn't speak or interact with her directly, he had nowhere near the followers required to approach her social circle. In fact he still has never actually spoken to her. But the right words will appear when he finds her. He saw something in her eyes that night, something lost and broken, and it's haunted him every day since then. There's something missing from her life, something that he can be.

Even the whole time she was dating Lamantine, as future-proof as their relationship seemed, he never lost hope. He knew their arcs would interact at some point. Then Lamantine died, and he watched her every day on Recovery, pulling for her, voting for her, still knowing, deep inside on a molecular level, that their brand interaction was a foregone conclusion. It makes no sense for her to be with anyone else but him.

And then she was sent to High/Low. His school, that he'd been attending for 3 years. And he set up a whole plan for a sexually-charged meet-cute on their first day at lunch.

But she never made it to lunch. No matter. Whatever Isabella_the_Ronin's plan was, it was just one more little bump on the predetermined road to QynkaJaw. Not a bad couple name, in his opinion. And together they would take on Raminashi. This a*shole who was building his entire brand by trashing Qynka's. They would take him down together, and look incredibly hot doing it.

At last he reaches room 43H. There's a dopey looking UnderNobody guarding the door. One punch and he's out. Se7enJaw takes a moment to adjust his jacket and tuck a strand of his beautiful hair behind one ear. This is it.

He busts open the classroom door, stalks across the room, vanishes the lock on the closet door with one deft kick from his Hinterlore boots, then gently opens the closet door.

There she is. Qyankacyde Qrrashiclan. They're face to face, finally, after so long. Qynka stares at him, in her eyes a potent mix of fear and attraction. Se7enJaw smiles, opens his mouth to speak. The floor beneath his feet rumbles, wobbles, then completely collapses. The room around him disintegrates, he falls and is swallowed up in a pile of smoke and rubble.


Cowering at the back of the closet, Qynka takes a tentative step forward. As the smoke clears, she sees that the classroom outside the closet door is now mostly gone. Without getting too close she peers down into the hole where the boy just fell.

Through the hole, past a pile of cement and brick, she sees a face staring back at her, framed by blue lavender unicorn curls.

"Qannen???" Qynka says.

"Qynka? Is that you?"

"Yes??? WYD???"

"We had to blow up part of the science wing to keep the Unders from accessing lab equipment. What's really good with you?"

"I was kidnapped by this dumb bitch."

"No way?"

"Yes! I'm serious!"

"Wait Shut up did we just rescue you??"

"Bitch yes?"

"OH SH*T THESE UNDERF*CKERS DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!!" Qannen shouts, high-fiving a tiny girl in red vinyl standing by her side.

"OK get me out of here?"

"Ummmm yeah OK," Qannen says, looking around, thinking. "There's a lot of bodies here, we'll pile them up and you can just slide down."


Qynka waits as Qannen directs the people around her to start piling bodies up.

"So you wanna grab lunch after, orrrr?" Qannen asks.

"Yeah are you hungry?"

"Yeah I think SuperZyme is sponsoring the cafeteria today?"

"Oh no way! I'm getting a multi-tonal graincake."

"Yeah same."


Qynka stands around waiting patiently while things happen on the floor below her.

"Hold on," Qannen says, "We're still pulling bodies out of the rubble."

"K," Qynka says.


RIP Se7enJaw, but not terrible as first days of school go. A little kidnapping, a little terrorism, some light algebra, and a lot of death. Definitely sounds like high school.

One more chapter left in Episode 3!!!! What's going to happen!??!?!?!

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