Chapter 11

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(Brendons POV)

The first day I had to stay home, dallon had gone to school. Mostly because I made him. I don't wanna hold him back from getting the education he needs. Even though he insisted he stayed with me to ensure I'm alright. Three days later though, Dallon insisted on staying home with me. Mostly because I get sad when I'm alone, I get sad and he's probably noticed the slight drizzle of rain when he's gone. When I went downstairs at 10:56AM and saw Dallon sitting on the couch, still in his pajamas, I raised my eyebrows at him. "Mornin' sleepyhead." He says and I smile softly at him.

"Dal, why aren't you in school?" I ask him immediately and he smiles widely at me. "You get lonely and so do I without you there. So I was like, hey I'll stay home today." He says and I chuckle softly. "Alright, that seems fair enough." I say and he nods. "So calm down mom." He jokes and I laugh. It's funny, usually he's the one lecturing me about school and yet here I am. "I called the school up saying you needed help today and they excused it so it's fine." He says and I nod. "That's good." I mumble, and yawn. "Are you hungry?" He asks and I shake my head. "Mm, no not right yet." I say and rub at my eyes and stretch my arms upwards. I look at my bright red cast and then at Dallon. "What?" He asks, clearly confused.

"No one's signed my cast yet." I say and his eyes light up and he stands up. "I have a sharpie somewhere, I think." He says and then turns and hurries up the stairs in which I follow him. We go into his room and he rumanges through his drawers, as I sit on his bed, watching him amused. "Where the hell did it go." He mumbles and I chuckle. "Found it!" He says and holds it up, a goofy smile on his face. He sits across from me and gently grabs my arms and pops the cap off the sharpie. He seemed in thought for a second which kinda worried me. Actually I don't care what He writes on it to be honest.

He starts to write, his tongue poking out of his mouth slightly as he concentrated. He smiles as he stops writing and I take my arm back to look at what he wrote. 'Dallon ♡' in big letters right across the middle. "Finally." I say, and smile at him. "Not to rush you but I'm still curious about your explanation." He says, his gaze not leaving my face and my heart thudded wildly in my chest. This is it. This is my chance and I'm not gonna fuck it up. I can finally get it off and my chest and explain everything. "I'm confused." I say and he tilts his head. "About what?" He asks and I look at my lap. "I'm confused on whether I like you. Like I look at you, and my heart feels so light and my tummy fills with butterflies. And then sometimes I second guess myself and it fucks my mind up. I've never been with a guy before. It's confusing." I say and when he doesn't say anything I slightly lift my head up to look at him.

"I don't.. I'm so sorry oh my.." He says and I look at him confused. "Why?" I ask. "I was so ignorant. I accused you and just assumed you were being a dick.. I am so incredibly sorry that I didn't let you explain. I'm such an ass." He says and I pull him in for a hug, which he immediately returns. We sat there hugging for a solid 10 minutes before we finally pulled away. "I'm glad you found someone who makes you happy though, I can tell you guys love each other." I say and he slowly nods. "Yeah." He says and I furrow my eyebrows at him, but don't say anything. "Everything is okay between you guys, right?" I ask and he nods. "Yeah, yeah we're good." He says and I nod. "Okay I just want you to be happy you know that right?" I ask and he nods. "I know, B. And I appreciate it. Thank you." He says and I smile softly at him.

"So do you wanna do something today, or do you wanna go and watch movies and eat snacks all day?" Dallon asks and I smile wildly. "Oh you sure as hell know full well I wanna eat and watch dumb movies with you, lets go." I say standing up and he follows me. "So I say we go to the store, get a shit load of snacks, and then watch movies all day." He explains and I nod in agreement. You see, the store thing wasn't the best idea. Two overly excited teenage boys going into a store for the sole purpose of getting a shit ton of junk food, yeah, it wasn't the brightest idea. You'd think we could be mature enough to walk in, get what we need, and then get out. It's us we're talking about though, what matureness do you expect? None.

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