27 | wanna go on a date?

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+zhi ruo pov

"now you know who I am, do you maybe want to go on a date with me?

I smiled like a lunatic at the note and letter and closed my locker to reveal Renjun leaning against the locker next to mine, a shy smile on his face.

'So? What do you say?' Referring to the note, he looked down at the ground and then at me.
'I say... I'll think about it.' I smiled, teasing him.

'Aww come on!' Renjun whined as he moved closer.
'Maybe.' I dragged the word on to annoy him further.
'Zhi Ruo!' He wailed as I closed my locker door, looking at him as I tried my best not to smile at him. 'Please!'

He tugged on my shirt as he walked behind me, no words escaping his mouth.
I turned to face him and his face displayed a begging pout that not even the most cold hearted person could resist giving in to. His eyes weren't focused on me but rather a point off to the left of my shoulder, a glint in his eye that looked sad and his head hung in the slightest to increase his sad look.

I couldn't resist it any longer and threw my arms around him, my school bag flying upwards before coming back down with a thud against my back.
It was difficult to get my arms around him with his school back so I slipped them in between where his school bag met his back and his yellow polo shirt.

He stood stiff for a brief moment before returning the embrace.
We stood hugging in the middle of the crowded hall for a number of seconds before I pulled back and looked at him.

"I love you." I mouthed, even though he was directly in front of me.
"I love you too." A slight pink hue rose to his cheeks and he smiled. I returned the smile before turning and beginning to walk down the hall.

After silence from Renjun for a second he shook himself and ran after me.
'You never answered me!' He leaned in to my ear as he put his hand in mine.
'Go check your locker then.' I whispered back.

He stopped dead and stared at me.
'You heard me. Go, or you won't get the answer and you'll be late.' I laughed.

He just looked at me, processed what I had told him before turning and walking quickly down the hall.
'Don't be late to registration!' I called after him.
'If I am I'm blaming it on you!' He called back.

I shook my head and laughed before making my way to my form class, my mind ticking with wonderful thoughts of what was to come.


I sat in my first class of art, minding my own business, you know, just doing.. art.

Yeah! I know, crazy right? Doing art in an art class? Are you ma-

Anyways! Back to the point.

I was sitting in art class, a class which Renjun was supposed to be in, but wasn't. He also never made it to registration and he never answered my texts.

I looked up to see if the teacher was looking at me. He wasn't so I pulled my phone from my pocket and frantically typed yet another message to the boy who wasn't here.



Just as I pressed the send button a bundle of boy came bursting into the classroom, his bag hanging from his arm and a very evident blush gracing his face.

'S-sorry sir, I-I...' he looked down at me and I raised an eyebrow. 'Zhi Ruo made me late.'

He did not just blame me for this.

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