Chapter 2

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After she found her new partners and a few more minutes of walking and killing grimm, Yang, along with her black haired friends arrived at the ruins where they found the relics that proved to be chess pieces.

" It looks like we weren't the first ones that arrived here." said Noctis, seeing some of the pieces missing.

" It seems so. Now let's get our own pieces and end this." said Blake as she walked to the altar.

" How about a little pony?" asked Yang as Blake looked at her with a smirk.

" Why not." said Blake as she took a black knight piece, Yang took a golden knight piece while Noctis took a black king pieces.

" I really feel like a king with such beautiful knights on my side." said Noctis, making the two girls to blush a little and smile at his joke.

However, before the three of them could make another move, they saw a large Nevermore flying above them as a none other than Ruby was falling toward them.

" I got her." said Yang as Ruby landed on her sister's arms.

" Thanks Yang." said Ruby.

Not even a second later, the chaos continued to grow. First a girl with orange hair appeared as she was riding an Ursa with a black haired boy behind her. Next none other than Jaune and Pyrrha were running toward them with a Deathstalker on their tail.

" Wow, this is just too chaotic for my taste." said Noctis with a face palm.

" Arght! Can everyone just stop for a moment before anything crazy could happen!" screamed Yang as he semblance activated from the anger with her red eyes and her hair glowing golden with fire around it.

" IIII think that you should hold on that thought Yang." said Noctis as he pointed toward the Nevermore, where they saw Weiss hanging on the beast's claw.

" How could you leave me!" screamed Weiss.

" I told you to jump." said Ruby.

" She is going to fall." said Blake.

" She will be fine." said a calm, but concerned Ruby.

" She is falling." said Noctis and Red at the same time.

As she continued to fall, Jaune saw it and decided to help her, only to get his face against the ground with Weiss on his back.

" My hero." said Weiss with sarcasm.

" My back." said Jaune in pain.

" Well, now that we are together we can die as a group." said Yang as the Deathstalker was running toward them.

" No we won't." said Ruby as she launched herself toward the large grimm as the Nevermore began to launch lots of his feathers toward Ruby, who was able to dodge most of them but one was able to stab her cabe, holding her in place.

" RUBY!" screamed Yang seeing her sister about to be killed by the scorpion grimm.

Seeing the grimm ready to attack her, Ruby closed her eyes to prepare for the enormous pain, however, the pain never came.

When she looked, Ruby saw Weiss in front of her as the grimm's tail was frozen.

" You are really a child you know that." said Weiss.

" S-Sorry." said Ruby.

" But, I think that you can grow with that courage of yours." said Weiss with a small smile. However, the grimm was able to break the ice, showking the two girls as the monster was about to attack them again.

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