The dress was perfect. It was animal print with black and white jewels going down the front. It crisscrossed in the back and I got a pair of sparkly heels to match. I hurried home to get ready for my birthday dinner with Ashley. He said that he had a surprise for me, but he never told me what it was. As I finished putting my hair in loose curls, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there was Ashley with roses and a cute little teddy bear. “Happy birthday babe! You look gorgeous.” He said pecking me on the lips and handing me my presents. “Thank you Ashley. You didn’t have to do this for me.” I said putting the roses in water. “Well you deserve the best and this is only the first part of your birthday evening. Now let’s go to dinner.” Ashley said leading me out of the house.

                When we got to the restaurant, I noticed that our table had chairs for ten people instead of just us. “Babe who’s joining us for dinner?” I asked him.  “Oh just some friends. Look there they are.” Ashley said pointing to the door.  I wasn’t expecting Becca and the other’s joining us for dinner. Becca looked gorgeous with her hair curled and her cute black dress with lace on the skirt and simple black heels. Meaghan had her hair in waves with her bangs flipped out and was wearing a cute floral dress with bow earrings, brown bangles and hot pink platform heels. “Happy birthday Stella! You look so pretty!” Meaghan said giving me a hug. “Thanks so do you!” I smiled at her. Dinner was amazing and I didn’t think that my birthday wouldn’t get any better, it did. We decided to take a walk on the pier, just talking and enjoying ourselves when Ashley wanted to go on the ferris wheel. When we got to the top, I felt Ashley shift to look at me in the eyes. He looked like he wanted to say something to me. “Stella, I know that I have done you wrong and I’m so sorry to have done that to you. I love you so much beyond words, and I would do anything for you. With that being said, I want to ask you something. “He said looking at me. “Ok what do you want to ask me?” I asked him. “Stella, will you make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife?” He asked me pulling out a ring. I hesitated for a moment before giving him an answer. “Yes I will Ashley. I love you so much” I answered as he slipped the ring on my finger. As we made our way down, we couldn’t stop smiling and everybody was confused except for Andy. “So did she say yes?” Andy asked Ashley. “She sure did. We’re getting married guys.” Ashley said kissing the side of my head.” REALLY?! OH MY GOD YAY THERE’S GONNA BE A WEDDING!!” Becca said jumping up and down and hugging me then Ashley.

                After everybody went home, Ashley and I cuddled on my couch and watched Edward Scissorhands. “Ashley thank you so much for doing this for my birthday. It was really sweet of you.” I said laying my head on his shoulder. “It’s not a problem. I just wanted you to have the best birthday. Thank you for agreeing to marry me.” He said looking down at me.  “Well you know that I have already forgiven you and I know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. “I said smiling.  A few minutes later I fell asleep.

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