Chapter 19- The Return of Two Heroes

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After much thought, I came to a decision.

I took off my hood.

"It's me, Percy"

Jason's P.O.V.

Damn. How could he lose? We put all our faith in him, only to have it diminished once more.

It's soul crushing.

"Hey Piper, " I called over the long held silence.

"Yeah?" She replied.

"Get all the campers away. Fast." I said. "Get Haphaestus's children to try and get down the barrier. I'll try and handle my Father."

"No, you know you can't take him. Please don't do this." She tried with tears brimming her eyes. "Please?"

"Piper... I love you." I simply replied.

Of course I knew I can't beat him. It was tragic, but nonetheless true.

She tried gripping my sleeves, but after a while, she let go.

Either way, I gripped my sword and charged.

I just had to buy enough time for the metal barrier to go down. I got this.

"Father!" I screamed so he could hear. The gasping God of the Sky turned to me with a questioning look on his face.

"Oh? I see. Well, I guess I'll humor my child." He snickered. "Let's do this."

He was out of breath, and sweating pools even Poseidon would be jealous of.

"Why? I've been asking you for the past five years!" I yelled. "We've been doing your bidding for as long as I can remember. Percy... All that have died going on quests, it was for you and all the Gods! You guys disgust me. All we do is for you guys, and this is how you repay us??"

It came from the bottom of my heart, and all of it was true.

"Hmph. Percy, huh? He was a weakling anyways." Zeus replied.

"Is that why you were scared of him? You killed him because of how fearful you were of his strength, didn't you? We were all there! Five years ago, you bastard! You're just a pitiful excuse of a God." At this point I was screaming. My voice became hoarse as I remembered the horrible moments soon after Percy's death.

"You... How dare you speak to me in such a tone!" Zeus said with anger etched in his voice. "You know, I really did like you. You're strong and sensible, but now look at what you've become. I spared the Romans, but now I guess we'll just have to conquer them as well."

"No... You're a monster." A voice came from behind me.

I looked back to see Annabeth with two balled up fists.

"Oh wow... Look who it is. A lonely girl with a broken heart. Come on, I mean, it's been five years since his death. Get over it already. "

I put a hand behind me as to gesture her to stay put. I didn't need another person to get hurt. She complied.

I wasn't just going to stand here and listen to this. I ran with sword in hand and swung at his damn neck.

He dodged all five swings and grabbed my arm, twisting it on the way.

I screamed in agony and had a lightning bolt crashed down at the same time.

The lightning bolt landed straight down onto him and smoke covered his figure.

After the smoke cleared, there stood the God of the Sky with a smile on his face.

"You're trying to battle me with my own strength, you fool. You got it from me." He said. "You're weaker than I remember. Well, I guess my plan is working. All physical activities and exercises have been banned for the last five years, and now, no one can defy me!" He laughed.

I hope he laughs his disgusting face off.

"You changed. Is this how you've been surviving for so long? Just killing off whoever is strong and so you have no threats? Even your own children?"

"Well, anything for survival, right?"

Zeus laid out his hand as a sign he was going to blast me with lightning.

"I've taken your lightning like a man, now it's your turn to do the same." He said.

I closed my eyes in preparation and was hoping they would just get the god damn barrier down. I mean come on. That should be the least of our worries.

The barrier went all the way around camp, and it was 3 inch thick metal and the height was about 7 feet. We couldn't even see the other side.

I saw the campers all around the junction box at the center next to the lava mountain trying to defuse the barrier to go back down.

I stared at Piper.

She looked at me and mouthed the words, I love you.

The lightning came down that instant and made an enormous noise in contact with the ground. The aftershock and sound of the blast left everybody momentarily deaf and.. well... Shocked.

I covered my eyes with my left forearm because of the wind rushing at  my face and my broken right arm was dangling at my side. I tried opening my eyes but it was too difficult to do.

Once again, smoke covered the entire battleground and no one could see a thing.

What is this? I wasn't hurt. I was expecting to die, but nothing really made in contact with my body. I looked forward to see if anything was protecting me.

With difficulty, I managed to make out the outline of a tall and powerful person.

"Hope?" I asked.

"Not quite." A deep voice responded.

The smoke slowly cleared, and I managed to see just who this powerful hero was.


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