Chapter 19- The Return of Two Heroes

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Author's Note: It has been many months since I've last uploaded, and I've just read my story once more. For those of you still reading, I will finish the story. It's prideful for me to say my craft in writing has been greatly improved since I've added to the story. Reading my old writing was really... bad to say the least. However, it's safe to say that we can continue. Thank you.

Let's continue.

Percy P.O.V.

My drowsiness from taking the lightning bolt head on lingered for a long time. Even so, I'm looking at Leo Valdez, a person thought to be dead TWICE.

"Leo?? How are you alive?" I asked quietly. The pain from Zeus was a little too much to handle.

"You're bleeding. And I mean real bad," Leo didn't hear. He tried taking the hood from the Dark Cloak off but it wasn't working. "What kind of sh*t is this??"

Hold on, I thought, does he know I'm Percy?

I mean he did say "long time no see, buddy" , but that can mean anything. I decided to play along.

"It was given to me by Hades. As a gift." I replied. I decided to sit up, but I did so really fast and almost went unconscious from the mere effort.

"Whoa whoa, calm down. No need to be in a rush, Hope."

I was taken aback on two accounts. One, how the heck does he know me, the only ones that do were supposed to be the campers. And two, how is this dude alive.

"Wait, how do you know me?" I asked.

"Demigods have been whispering among each other about this savior called Hope. They say he wears all black with a long hood covering his face, a figure with so much power, it's said he can strike fear into the Gods." Leo said. "Who else could you be?"

Wow, I had no idea they said that about me.

As my vision became a little more clear, I noticed a couple things.

"WE'RE IN THE SKY!" I screamed.

"So?" Leo shrugged off.

"No time to explain. Get us down. Quickly." I said with a grim expression. I took my stance and grabbed Riptide in case I had to deflect or dodge a lightning bolt.

He understood not to ask questions and did as I asked.

He steered Festus down as quickly as he could until we landed on the ground. I kind of forgot how awesome Festus was. Brings back memories. From a long long time ago.

"Now, you mind clearing things up for me?" He asked.

Zeus could've just blasted us off, but I guess our fight earlier drained the both of us. Although I would hate to admit it, me more than Him.

"Yo buddy, I want answers. How is the camp doing? And why were you falling from the sky? " He attempted to sound humorous but I knew he was serious.

"By the way Hope, you wanna fix that left eye of your's? I have some ambrosia and nectar in my bag. You may bleed out. And plus, it's falling over your lips and chin." He said.

"Yeah, that would be great. Thanks." I'm still amazed at Leo. He escaped every trial put in his way.

Leo went to go get the medicine from the bag on top of Festus.

While he did so, I began thinking. I did have to give him answers. I needed an ally at a time like this. The camp could be in ruins right now and for his help, he needs my trust.

When Leo turned around, he looked focused and was trying to figure out what I was thinking. It was kind of hard to do when you can only see my lips and chin.

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