History Repeating

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They had been driving for about 3 hours when the van beeped signalling it needed petrol, so Liam drove on for about 2 miles until he came across and abandoned gas station and he pulled in. Everyone got out and Liam walked over to the closest gas pump and checked to see if there was any petrol left and thankfully there was enough to fill Betty up all the way. Meanwhile Alex and Zu went into the abandoned shop to see what food was  left and there wasn't much but there was enough to get them through 1 maybe 2 weeks, it was hard for them tell most of the time. Alex gathered what all the food you could find that was still in date and put it into the rucksack that Zu had set aside for food only and she gathered a couple water bottles and headed back out to where the boys were. 

When they walked out Liam and Chubs were nowhere to be seen. "LIAM, CHUBS, WHERE ARE YOU?!" Alex yelled but she got no reply. Then Alex saw 4 men out from behind the van and then 4 out from behind the shop, 4 from one side of you, 4 from the other side, then 8 men other men joined them all with guns, they were surrounded. Then the men who came out from behind the van moved to the side as the side door of Betty opened and Rob Meadows from The League exited the van. What the hell is he doing here? Alex thought to yourself as her instincts kicked in and she moved slightly so that Zu was behind her as she knew exactly what this man was capable of. "What are you doing here Rob and where's Liam and Chubs?" she asked, grabbing holding a hold of Zu's hand. "Don't worry their safe, for now. I'm here to collect you for Clancy," he replied and she immediately thought that this was not going to go well. Before she could reply, Rob throw something in front her and some sort smoke came flooding out of the small device and Alex started to fell extremely drowsy and just like history was repeating itself again, everything went black. 


Sorry this is so short but I have been extremely busy with school .

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