Niall Horan gets a little to cozy with who seems to be the same girl that was with Harry at the club this weekend.Is she cheating on Harry or Niall?She is seen wearing what appears to be Niall's underwear in the picture on the left.I wonder what they were doing before they entered the Starbucks.In the picture on the right Niall and his mystery girl are kissing on a park bench several minutes away from the Starbucks.This time they seem to be fully clothed.When will this mystery girl show her self.

   She won't show her face anytime soon.I am just lucky they could only see half my face in the kissing picture and the Starbucks picture was the back of us. I placed down the magazine angrily and yelled,"Curse those blasted paparazzi."The room went silent and all eyes where on me.I got up and stopped over to Niall.He was looking at me a tiny bit of fear in his eyes.I yelled,"Thanks to you now the whole world thinks I'm a cheater and now my parents are going to see the pictures of me kissing you.They might even make me go back to the US."

   He didn't reply for a second then stammered our,"I am sorry I wasn't thinking about the paparazzi.I wasn't thinking about your parents.All I could think about was you."

   I glared at him.The rest of the boys now watching us intensely  well except Harry who was in his room.I yelled,"Niall stop trying to flirt your way out.That crap is not going to work this time.Oh I forgot to tell you I choose none of you.I need time to myself and need to focus on school and you are making that really hard on me."

   "Wait so your breaking up with both of us."

 His comment really pissed me off."NIALL I was never going out with you.You kissed me several times while I was dating HARRY.I can't believe you would say that.You're the reason why I am so confused why I broke it off with Harry."I pulled the fork out of his hand and stabbed it into the wooden table and yelled,"Don't   Push me Horan."

   They all looked at me with fear filling there eyes then  Louis yelled,"Run for your life's she's going to kill us all."He got up from where he was sitting on the couch and started running up the stairs.BANG!!

    "Ouch Boober what the heck are you doing."

   "Running from that mad women you call your ex-girlfriend."

    "How did you know that boo?"

   "Caitlyn kinda lost it and went crazzy yelling,stabbing tables and blaming."

   "That's what all the yelling was?"

  "Yep,I gotta stay away from her right now see you later Haz."

    Of course I listened to the conversation.Harry walked down the stairs.Everyone stared at him.I was still holding a fork threatingly as he approached me."Caitlyn what's going on here?"

    Anger filling me up once more I throw the magazine at him and went back to Niall."What do you have to say for yourself."

    "I am sorry."

   "Thanks for that,"I said sarcastically."By the way don't touch me again.You hear me?"


 Just when Niall was about to leave the room Harry screamed,"So this is what you did after you guys ran out on me.You left me here crying and you guys decided to taste each others lips."

    "Harry trust me it's not like that at all."

  "Caitlyn its you I can trust its Niall who decideds to smash his lips into yours when ever I turn my head."He turned his head then said,"Oh look there he goes again thinking about planting one on you."

     "Harry I am sorry Lad.I just couldn't help myself she is beautiful and I want her to be my princess,"Niall said.

    "Shutup you don't think I already know she's beautiful.Stop talking like you had her to start off with cause you never did."Harry wrapped his arms around me protectively.Now this time I didn't try to escape I just let hold me a second before he let go.Maybe this is what I need to help me decide about Harry.Maybe I should have never let him go.Maybe I should have never let him let go of me.

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