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Personal Bio

SaintCole here! I'd like to consider myself the Patron Saint of Aspiring Writers. Not really, but I plan to do my best to help nurture your stories into something truly magnificent. 

I'm twenty-five years old and I've been reading since the age of four. I've loved it ever since. Books got me through many times in my life that I decided I wanted to offer that service to others. I joined WattPad and was dumbfounded at the warm environment I found. I decided I would continue to do my part and help pass on my knowledge to other writers, and make sure they know how great their little gems are. 

I believe every single story has untold potential. I want to help you uncover it. 

Preferred Genres

The genres I have leaps and bounds the most experience with are fantasy, horror, and science fiction. I believe I would be of great use in these genres, because I'm aware of the tropes and the ground that's already been tread. 

Non-Preferred Genres

I don't do fanfic, and I would be a horrendous disaster trying to help with romance. I don't know what is good and what is bad romance, so I think my editing services would be under utilized with that genre.

Relevant Experience

My dad is a published author and I helped edit his book. Additionally, I am currently a member of the Rebel Elite, and am starting to get a good idea what most helps writers with their stories. 

Projected Time Frame

For the time being, I would be able to provide a thorough and in-depth review for one chapter or 5,000 words, whatever comes first. I could offer this service for three writers for now. 

Communication Preference

Slack or WattPad whatever is preferable for the writer. 

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